Im Feeling Brave

Hit me with your best shot...see what i did there?
skynnbon3s skynnbon3s
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since you ask for ! what the worst thing you ever done to someone?

Convinced this girl to date a real jerk so that i could get his friend

+ 1 to creativity +10 to evil behavior haha

what about what the greatest thing you ever done for someone

Ooooh...thats a hard one... Saw this guy was getting laughed at by some girls, went up and asked for his autograph pretending he was famous...Saw him with BOTH the girls the next day

haha that cool!


so what ur favorite color And your favorite manga

Purple ...and either Elfen Lied or Death Note :) you?

purple and black , probably naruto and bleach or elfen lied or death note or myself, yourself

Wow nice list :)

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If you feel brave why block you sie to all?

Because i am computer illiterate and don't know how to unblock it :)

Ok so here it goes.. If u had to have sex with any of ur family members.. will u do it with open heart and with whom??

If i had to i would chose my brother, because he is the only one around my age...and i would do it really freaked out to be completely honest

thats cool.. i really had sex with my own sis when we were very young... we didn't had the idea what we were doing but we enjoyed...
did u ever tried to see his private parts....

No, never

Hi are you happy

For the most part yes, i really think i am