Great Weekend

Weekend away with some mates good roads to ride and beer to be drunk, what more could you ask for.
On one ride we went allong this road. Good surface no cops and very twisty. The day was perfect sun out and about 25 degrees c (i am not in America). We where doing about 140 -
160 , and having a ball.
We we turned onto a nother road and a mate took off, i was waiting for another mate behind me to catch up so i was mot as quick.
I got up the road about 20 kays and the two bikes where pulled over on the side of the road.
His panniers had moved and the exhaust was burning through them. He was emptying out the contents on the road and he had all these lacey knickers that where melted to a ball of crap.
We all started to pull the **** out of him and rolling around the ground laughing.
He reacons they where his exes and he was using then to clean his visor.
Bit we never was him get them out before, and boy did he cop **** every time we stopped.
How i know its nice to get into your ladies knickers but as for taking them on a boys weekend you must be asking for trouble.
He he
rustydog43 rustydog43
46-50, M
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Have you seen the **** going on in QLD?

Yer I think the posties may even be in trouble.