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terrorbull terrorbull
26-30, F
4 Responses Dec 5, 2012

1) What is a goal that you are working on?
2) Where would you like to travel to next?
3) Describe your breasts and nipples.
4) Have you introduced a shy girlfriend to a topless/nude beach experience?
5) Tell us about your best friend.

when was last time u had sex

unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago!

Have you ever had a woman as a lover?

no, but i have many a woman crush!

What is your favorite type of pantied you wear?
Do you shave your *****?

i'd say a toss-up between thongs and french knickers! and oui, all bare! but wouldn't be adverse to a fuller look haha


Any interest on your part to pierce your ***** or ****? How often to you **********? What is your biggest fault, both physically and your personality?

mm probably wouldn't just because i've known people who ended up with infections down there! i'd say 5 or 6 times a week, and faults...physically i've always been happy with my body's exterior, so probably my crappy immune system! and personality-wise, i procrastinate like crazy!

Genital piercings are generally the safest and quickest to heal!

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you love accidental nudity. What's a fun story about that?
Why are you so open about being naked and so many other ladies so shy? Insights?
How many lovers have you had?

well there's always the accidental window-cleaner seeing me dancing around naked story, and another time, we were having a party in the woods and i needed nature's bathroom, but obviously wearing a playsuit, i had to take everything off, only to be seen by the groundskeeper and a few party guests.

i'm not really a traditional gal that thinks women should cover their body. i can honestly say i've never had any major body hang-ups and have always been happy and confident in it :)

and i've had 8