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You can ask me anything!!! And about my boobs lol :)
bigboobs333 bigboobs333
22-25, F
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Can I see your boobs?

How big are they?

Do you like the idea of being milked?

Are you a kinky woman? Have you ever had your breast bound?

What advised can you give me to get huge boobed women like you to date me?note that i get pretty excited near them and i can not hide it! PLEASE ADD ME

What is your favorite food?

Umm tacos

What was your favorite vacation?

Lol no but I do like it


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Do you enjoy a ***** ****?


Mmmmmm! That is so hot! My favorite! I bet you're amazing at it too!

How big do you want to be?

Umm as big as they will let me

can I see some pics of them

Why don't you consider cam or glamour modeling with your physique?

Also, as someone who studies biology and the endocrine system - are you still growing taller? Or did you stop?

Could I have a clothing absent, ALL exposed pic of your mamories (nipples/areolas inclusive?)

You said I could ask ANYTHING... I seem to remember reading the line: "You have not, because you ask not." Bernadette Cooper says, "Slap me." But, please don't...

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


Yum. I like a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of vanilla.

Have you ever tried an affogado? That is when you pour coffee on top of ice cream. So good.

No but that sounds supper good :)

Try it some time. I like it best with a shot of espresso. The coffee melts the ice cream and makes a rich creamy sauce at the bottom of the bowl.

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Love your Breasts, there size and they do fit your BEAUTIFUL body very VERY well, hope that you are still lactating and enjoy it very much so that you remain lactating. YOu are a Very SPECIAL Lady !!!!

Enjoying the new bra? :D

Oh yeah it feels amazing!

Holy ****! How did your boobs get so big?!?

how much are you lactating now?

wow just saw the newer pic on your profile,,,, you really have grown,,, how did you induce lactating

Yeah that an older pic too

if that;s an older pic, i can't wait till you post a recent one,,,

Yeah I've grown a lot

i would really like to be added to your circle,

just to let you know if you are saying that is you in your profile pic, that is not you. that's leanne crow. and if that were you, you would be making money modeling just like leanne crow is.

Yeah I know that's my big boob idol I thought you were talking about the one I had up but isn't the other one in my photos??

well if you're as busty as Leanna Crow, I can look at her and think of you,,guess you are picky about who you add to your circle,, still hoping

i can't see because i'm not friends with you :(

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Any growth lately? :D

Yes actually I started lactating my boobs feel amazing!

Oh my, How much do you make say, per session? =]

5 to 6 oz

Wow, lactating sounds so cool. I hope you enjoy it.

I have a pump do you??

Haha yes

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I would love to see pix! Why do you have no pix? You read like a nice young lady. Covered or Exposed would be fine I would just like to have a visual account for reference sake... Thanks So Much! I'd really like to be your friend also...



Do you like when people stare at them, or does it make you self conscious?

Yeah it's a little annoying

I am sorry. :( Is it hard to find guys that see you as more then a set of boobs?

Yes but boob men are the breast men I mean best

Yes, it takes a bookman to appreciate a huge rack.

yes the boob men are the best!

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Would you mind going to the beach with a real,pale skinned guy, the kind of guy most girls stare at and go "ooooh, he's white!!!?

Well it doesn't matter if he is a nice guy and he has a good body

Do your breasts like to pop out of your tops?

Lol sometime if I lean down to get something they will fall out of my bra but not my shirt

would you like to start lactating?

Idk does it feel good?

well if you let someone (me) suckle while you are lactating it is suppose to feel good - the milk flow from your breasts out.

Do u believe in God?

Yes I do why, why do you ask

I was just curious..