If You Dare Ask Me :)

Just be polite and choose ur questions wisely.
MissAgni MissAgni
26-30, F
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What is your favorite food?

I love sweets and besides them i love Arabic,Italian and Indian food :)

Italian food is really good. What was your favorite vacation?

Italy ! Amazing and so full of life....

What was the best thing that you saw or experienced?

God's miracles on earth!nothing compares to it.

What is your favorite tv show?

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When was the last time you did a poo in your panties?

I guess when i was litlle baby.

Have you ever opened the door totaly naked or be only one naked in front of more people when they are dressed? with who and why? just liked, forced, lost bet?

I don't remember such a situation.

wats d meaning of ur name MissAgni

I like to be called Miss and Agni is short of my name which is Agnieszka :).Besides in sanskrit (ancient indian language)Agni means fire (Goddness of fire).

What did you hope to accomplish on E.P.?

respectfull friendships online and maybe even face to face..

i dare ask you... if you could ask for a gift from god, what would it be?

Huh...there is so many things....but the most i wish to have eternal love...

who do you like the arabic lebanese accent?? do you have lebanese friends??

Yes but not that many as u think :)

I am Lebanese lol... and I can teach you Lebanese accent ;)
you are from Poland, right??

Yes i'm :)

the best way to learn Lebanese is to visit Lebanon... there will be many people, me included of course, willing to teach you lol

I know...but i can't do it now :(

then I can teach you online ;)

Thx :)

you are welcome :)

ever visited Lebanon??

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what do you like in a man?? and what do you hate??

Dignity,honesty,responsibility,sense of humor and respect...
I hate egoistic,arogant,egocentric,selfish,unmature men

Is cut or uncut better

??? i don't know

how tall are you

1m 76cm or 1m77cm

Tall girl

Why do you say your ugly is question one
What's your deepest darkest desire

Cause i know i'm...

Cause you know your beautiful

can u add me please


Other than Lebanese, do you like other Ethnic men or women as well?

Of course i do :)

Have you ever seen a panda bear playing in the rain after a fresh air kinda day after eating spicy food and hanging with your friends?


would you allow me to tribute your photo live on skype?:)


Why so disappointed?

it's complicated.....it's about my life..

Well, I have some time.
Who knows. Maybe I can share something with you as well.
Up to you.

do you think this is the only life?

eternal you mean?

opss yes i mean eternal life..

What did you expect to find on E.P.?

Truth about myself..

What is your opinion of Americans?

Huh..mysterious nation,full of cotradictions..

Spot on! We are indeed a nation of contradictions.

Where are u living?
If given a choice would you like to holiday in dubai :)

I live in Poland....who won't like to spent holiday in dubai ? :)

Wow... i have been to Warsaw once and u even been to Dubai before? :)

No never..

mmm Let me know when u plan, be sure to take you around :)
Your name means Fire, right?

Not so soon i guess...
Agni means fire but my full name doesnt mean fire.

hmmm too bad. We have the shopping fest in Jan and that is one crazy time here ;)
Yeah, i thought so. Its an Hindi word right?

Yes...and also short of my name :)

I am curious to ask now... what IS your name LOL

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what you say to a fist fight challenge

No thx..

Are you getting annoyed by all the creepy, weird questions yet? Lmao

Yes a lot...I wish people could use their creativity more and ask me something really interesting instead of asking silly/dirty or strange questions..:/

Why the "Miss" in front of Angi?

It's Agni like Agnieszka not Angi(e) like Angelica...I just like that nick name :)

Why is the Magnetic North Pole actually the geographical South and vice versa???

When i will find it out ...i'm gonna tell you :)

I will be waiting :) Cheers

Would you flirt or text/talk sexual stuff with a guy who was in an open relationship? ;)

No...I'm not that kind of girl.

Do you wear thongs? Do you show your underwear in public?

No i don't and i don't see any need to show my underwear in pulic ;/

Ahh ok. I think it would be cool to see you in your underwear. :)

You won't ,so stop being naughty.....

hehehe. I'm a naughty boy.

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Would you care to add me?

Add you?Well...

best place in asia to take a vacation?

I think Thailand and The Philippines/India .

why thailand and why philippines?

I found them so exotic and oriental i also have thai and filipino friends,they told me a lot about their countries.I would like to see how is life there..

well...i shall wait for you in the Philippines then...=D

that would be nice :)

tour guide..no expense paid...=D


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What's the main reason you say God is Great?

He simply is! Don't u think so? He saved me !

Some people believe because they feel they've had a spiritual experience with Him. Others believe because it just makes sense to them

Maybe i faced His presence and it was real...

Yes, I know you had an encounter with God. I am happy for you. I hope I can make up with you. I am not usually rude. I'm a spiritual, emotional man DON

Curious about this answer. Catholic?
My church was planning a missions trip to poland this year but it was cancelled. Not enough people signed up. The economy was a bit rough here. My responsibility would have been to learn more of the language for the group. I know a few words but after my father passed away, I've forgotten alot.
I was raised a Polish Catholic and now not.
That answer you gave is not one I would expect from a Catholic.

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Can you do a head spin?

Surely no...

Can u make a head spin ;-p?

In normal way yes...but in athletic no..

is there a meaning to your username?

Yes ...it's short of my name and also fire in sanscript.

What phone do you use?

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i wanna find a friend and i wanna share idea with my friend and i like to exchange informations


I like asking questions but I don't know what to ask. :(

It happends ,so don't worry :)


what is ur biggest fear ? how do u approach nice guys you like to hang out ?

My biggest fear is so stay completly alone ...I always care the most about their personality and manners.

What makes u exciting ?

Adventures ..


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i wanted to trouble you i would ask you how much do you weigh , but but i don't so . i would ask you , tell me 1 thing you love about your self .

My hair...

Kinda sneaky we know. But, will you take a look at our profile and then add us as a "been there done that" cpl who are always in search of new friends?

More new friends....

what is the worst part of you?do you rectify it?

You should ask people who knows me...they would tell u more about it,but I think the fact that i'm very impatient.

You posted that you are petite and curvey. How petite are you and are you going to post any pictures?

I'm rather big and curvy....

And the picture part?

i ear u like latinos?

Who doesn't?

Are you tall or short

I would consider myself rather tall.

what is the greatest day of your life ? and the most sad day ?

The greatest when I fall in love for the 1st time.
The saddest when my father died...

sorry to hear about your father !

It happends..but i still keep thinking about him.

plz add me babe

I'm sorry but i can't

What sort of question is that ,behave

I thought the same...

okay...so here goes...how come a young handsome polish man with a good career fall in love with a dark plain , thin asian in- stead of the beautiful polish girls? you mean very few polish girls around???

No I don't think so.In poland we have more girls than boys :).I noticed that a lot of polish guys r interested in asian/african/arabic girls.Their choice. Maybe those girls have some special features that polish girls doesn't have or it's about exotic look .A lot of polish guys thinks that asian girls r somehow ''easy'' and it's easy to dominate them.

Nonsense!! I think polish girls are more interesting and beautiful!!!

It's matter of taste :) but thank you for such a compliments :).

serious...just watch the olympics polish gymnastic team...they perform so effortlessly and sweetly...so wonderful , possibly cause you girls put in a lot of effort!!!

Oh yes they did hard job.

polish chiks r HOT!!!!!!


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How many languages can you speak, and what are they?

Good question :)
I speak : Polish(native),English (semi - fluent),German ( so so ).I also know some Arabic ( i keep learning all the time ) and Spanish :).

That's awesome! I wish I knew more, I can only speak English. I just saw on your profile that you knew multiple languages and I was wondering which ones.

In future I want to learn Italian and maybe Russian/Portugese/Turkish or Hindi.

I want to learn Spanish and Hindi. Many people in my area speak them.

What you speak is not so useful in my part of the world...except maybe English. ...korean, japanese, chinese, malay ,tagalog, thai, myanmar, nepalnese, veitnamese all my family members are trilingual

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Can we chat too? if you add me... :)

...but u know I like clean and polite chat only.

ok, that's fine.

Were do I live?

You should ask yourself ? :)

Not a wise question? ;-), okay. Where do you live? XW

Aha now it's clear...I live in Poland :)

Nice! I am European too.

ya loh...I knew immediately...warsaw has the best sausages!!!yum!!! Yum!!! My friend's daughter married a polish man last yeardec I couldn't understand how come such a handsome man can't find a lovely pole girl to marry...the mum is complaining that she has to fly so far!!!

Never mind mum's lol

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1) What is a goal you are working toward?
2) What is your best friend like?
3) What is your opinion of nudity, like swimming, with friends?
4) Do you find Lebanon dangerous?

1.I have few: Gradute from Univeristy,loose weight and find a job.
2.He is completly diffrent from me.
3.I can't swim sorry..and i don't like to be nude.
4.Somehow yes but not so dangerous.

hi, random question, do your socks ever slide down halfway off your feet in your shoes when you walk? i have a silly sock fetish and im just curious lol...making convo

Yes sometimes....

Does that irritate you? Is it just one or both socks?

Thanks for the answer! Are you very interested in your own country - Polish history, for instance? And are you interested in history in general?

Of course I'm.I'm proud to be Polish and i'm so patriotic.My country faced a lot of historical problems,but now we r slowly getting better.

What is the story behind this interest?

Ok..I was always somehow interested in oriental stuff :).I've met a lot of Middle eastern people.They inspired me and introduced me to the Arab world.I found it very interesting,fascinating .Then I decided to start to learn Arabic and gather more knowledge about middle east.

You are Polish ,do you live in Poland you seem to be very interested in the Middle east have you got any connections there and seems an odd place to want to be seeing how it is in turmoil at the moment and there is alot of conflict and violence .

You r right.I have many connections there :).I'm interested in everything about middle east and arab culthure :).

A very interesting place just needs to be more peaceful ,Well hope your dreams come true .

Yeah me too.I'm praying for that.

Do you meet many polite people in the streets? Silly question of course, but still I'm curious. :-)

It happends sometimes and they even smile to me :)

Do they sometimes make you happy when they smile to you?

They make me feel good.

How are you today?

I'm doing fine thx for asking.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose?

I would choose Lebanon <3.

Why Lebanon?

I adore this country.

A house

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Ok .. like what :P ?

Be creative :)

Sure Sir :)


To be polite and wise? Way too much pressure!

I'm not asking for much :)