We Are All Here.!!!!!

for the first time all 3 of the original dirty girls by the pool.so ask away!!!
dirtygirlsbypool dirtygirlsbypool
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i hope not to need one..lol..

Just curious - how do you square your "conservative" selection with your lifestyle? I like your lifestyle.

Do you ever go skinny sailing?

sure..for 19 days

hi buddy..you ok?jen

well glad you are here

Do you play with each others *****


Are yall having a fun time tonight?

we might be just a little drunk...

Oh goodness gracious what a time that would be, I bet there is a lot of story telling going on tonight

Go on then - 1 more - square root of pi??

ha ha..

And finally condom or bareback ??

bareback..were all tested

Fav sex positions ??

And you missed this one !! Lol

Thank you for your previous answers

Lots of hugs.

Mark xx

What are you all wearing??

a t-shirt...Shannon..dirty Jen nada and Susan a 1pc

update nada susan

What's you're thoughts on omorashi??


Try google

oh..i see i can take the time to answer your questions but you cant be bothered with mine..ok..

It's a fetish popular in japan- and it involves the sexual pleasure derived from peeing your panties.

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