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Lilwolf12 Lilwolf12
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Have u been spanked nude in front of others??

whats your favorite colour?

Purple and my second is blue

do you like wedgies

Assuming within the next few years the chicken overlord rises again, do you think they will take hostage of all the pigs, therefore depleting our bacon supply and ruining bacon and eggs forever?

Hmm no cus chickens are way to stupid now if this ever did happen I'd get ready to go to war with some chickens no one messes wit my bacon

excellent! protect the bacon!

Yes, that's the spirit! Now get out there and. Defend. That. Bacon!!!!!

Is there life other than on this planet?

There could be

What is the connection between the myans and the ancient egyptians, particulary to their pyramids, one has the tip and th other is flattened? How can they be similiar but different from such long distances from each other?

Ummm honestly I have no idea that's something for my history teacher

do you wet the bed

Haha no but I know like five people that do

what did the five people tell you about wetting the bed are they trying to get you to try it

Haha no, and they told me that they still wet the bed cus it's a condition with genes

what did you think of it when they told you that they wet the bed

At first I thought they were kidding but they weren't

i was a bedwetter too its so easy

Oh I was when I was like three and four but I stopped

why did you stop

Silversong13, haha nice one

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