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What's your ultimate sexual fantasy

I noticed you especially because of your Japanese name and my own interest in Japan. Do you have much of a Japanese heritage, or have any interest in going to Japan? I think you would enjoy the "onsen" (hot springs) there, where nude public bathing is the norm. <br />
<br />
Hope you don't mind if I friend you so I won't lose track of your account!

My mother is Japanese, but I am largely ignorant of my heritage. I plan to go to Japan someday, but for now it's not financially feasible.

Is she nisei? Sansei? Yonsei? (It sounds like she's probably not issei.) Anyway, I hope you can make it to Japan one of these days soon. Everyone there will be trying to talk Japanese to you, so you'd better bone up ;-).

how much nagging is too much? i think my bf is getting suffocated.. we are in ldr.. should i just be cold and let him be?

When's the last time you went to Hippie Hollow? I try to go when I'm visiting Austin and find it too bad that there aren't more naked women there. (I am guessing that if/when you go, you are naked?)

I never really plan to go, I juts decide on the spur of the moment. I always get naked as soon as possible when I arrive.

Do you think women nudists have it much easier than men?

I think people of both genders find the idea of a naked woman more acceptable than a man.

Longest time you’ve gone without an ******?

A month, I think.

How do your family feel about your nudism? Are any of them nudists too, and do you visit each other?

A few of my family members are nudists, but not many. Most are tolerant of my nudity, though.

Do you like giving wedgies?



Where is the one place you would never go naked and barefoot?

Antarctica, perhaps? Assuming the weather allows, there is nowhere I would not be willing to go naked and barefoot. However, I would not if the host, homeowner, etc. asked me not to.

Have you ever been kicked out of a store for being barefoot.

Quite a few times, but I never worry about it.

Which one do you prefer (yourself, and other people): waxed/sugared, shaven, or natural?

I prefer myself trimmed (hair made shorter but not shaved) and for others, it\'s a personal choice.

Hmm nvm previous post. Need to rephrase. Some people prefer cats, some prefer dogs.
I prefer trucks (4x4) over cars simply because they are more fun.
Spirits are a refined taste, beer must be quality to enjoy an wine is a slow drunk. You can choose to tell me which you prefer or you may not, but I hope you do.

Do you prefer
Cats or dogs
Cars or trucks(4x4)
Beer, spirits or wine

I have both dogs and cats. Dogs are better for playing with, but cats are great cuddlers.

I prefer trucks, but I only have a 4x2 at the moment.

I do not really care for alcohol in any form.

does being nude and aroused go hand and hand for u or is it simply that you do not like to wear clothes?

Being nude doesn\'t arouse me at all. If anything, it calms me. And it keeps putting a slash in my contraction for some reason.

oh ok i was just curious. for me it kind of depends on the setting and my mood. sometimes im really aroused and sometimes im nude just for pure comfort. thanks for replying.

I am at least glad to know that I am not the only person getting a slash in contractions. Does EP not want us to use contractions?

Did you grew up nudity around the house with parent?

I'm not sure exactly what your question is. I wasn't naked around my mother until I was 16, and she's never naked around the house.

If you had kids would you let them be nude also and if so would there be an age you wouldn't let the do it

I would definitely let my kids be nude around the house. I see no reason to make them stop at any age.

My little brother he's 14 and he wants to be nude around our parents house neither mom or dad are ever nude around us but he is afraid they will tell him no or he doesn't know what to say to them?.

That's what my childhood was like too, Johnny. I lived in fear of my mom finding out until the incident on my sixteenth birthday.

But did you ever leave your room?

Only when she wasn't home.

Im guessing u don't have siblings?

I actually have an older sister, but she left home before I was born.

Oh ok well Im gonna message u cause I feel like I can tell you anything personal ok?

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What is teh farthest distance you have gone naked without bringing clothes along?

Eighteen miles. I went for a long walk in a state park and it was nine each way.

Awesome! How many people did you encounter?


How often you go nude in public?

Twice a week on average.

When did you become a nudist and how did it start?

It was a hot day, I decided to try not wearing clothes, and I never looked back.

It's real nice to talk to other nudist like you. I've started going nude at a young age very slowly. It just happened. Now I love it even more.

I wish I can come to your house and just talk. At least I know I would be comfortable.

Very few people have the privilege of seeing me.

Hey that's cool. My wife knows I'm a nudist but she isn't. It's hard for me to tell people I'm a nudist especially my family cause of their reaction.

I usually tell people, but when they actually see me they are still surprised, lol.

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised. Being naked is who you are. It's ashamed nudity isn't socially acceptable.

Here's a thought. Don't know if you thought about it. Since you love being naked so much I say get rid of most of your clothes and wear a sarong if you have to get dressed. Since you don't wear bras or panties a sarong is perfect. I think it's close to being naked.

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Have you ever been arrested for being nude outside of your home?

Not yet. I've been very careful, or else very lucky.

Well good for you. How careful did you have to be? - i.e. jump behind a bush when someone approached? Carry a towel?

There's nothing that I would enjoy more than to be able to walk nude into my front yard to fetch mail or get something from my truck, etc.; however, I know that my neighbors would freak and call the cops on me. Therefore, I limit it to my backyard only.

Careful to the extent that I've only gone when I was 99% no one would see me. Or perhaps lucky that I was right and I never came anywhere close to being seen.

Perhaps someone did see you but did not mind. I think that society, in general, is more tolerant of a woman being nude in public than a man (at least in the U.S.). What do you think?

I think so.

Lucky nudist women

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have you had a erotic massage with another women?

Nope. Just the regular muscle-relaxing non-erotic type.

Would you like to be friends with me?

What type of massage do you request? I typically ask for "deep tissue," which, depending on the therapist, has been truly painful.

Have you ever modeled nude for an art class?

Yes, I do on a regular basis for the local college.

Cool. I do the same from time to time. Does the instructor require that you have a robe on during breaks?

Either put a robe on or move to a part of the room where I can't be seen from the hall. The students drift in and out during breaks.

Are you really the great lady you seem?

I certainly hope so!

Convinced me. Sorry to bother you.

lol, no bother!


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Have you ever thought about being bitten by a misquito with the west nile disease ?. Do you ever walk naked in North Texas ?.

I have never been bitten by a mosquito with West Nile virus.

I used to walk naked in Fort Worth, but my friends there moved away and I no longer have a reason to go there.

I would be your friend then you could walk naked in Plano.

have you given your girl friend a erotic massage?


Have you ever been caught naked by the cops?

I haven't been caught yet! LOL

I would like to hear more about your twenty mile walk.. Wear you discovered on that walk

No, I managed to stay on the back trails out of sight.

would you chat with a guy the has cerebral palsy?

I don't see why not.

Have you gone to nude resorts or are you just spontaneous?

I'm not much for planning ahead. Resorts, nude or clothed, aren't really my style.

Welcome back.

Nice to see you back, it's been awhile.

What part of TX are you from?

near Houston

what does hadakarei mean?

"naked soul"

What is the most dirty thing you have done in real life or on the internet?

It's a toss up between ************ while my friends watched or fingering my friend to ****** while she was trying to talk on the phone.

Do you have anyone you go nude with regularly?

My girlfriend is as fond of clothes as I am, which is to say not at all!