I Always Wanted To Let My X

Let my now x wife get ********** by four or 5 well endowed men and after she was all sloppy wet and *** filled messy I would come in and lap her clean from mouth ***** to *** I use to love watching her suck **** and get the couples we use to swap with hot I use to love kissing her with her mouth full of *** mmmm my **** is getting hard just thinking about it but as a couple she would only let us go so far and there is so much more I wanted to try with the right people. Well I've always been a little I guess a lot on the wild side . We had some really good sloppy wet sex I mean if its not messy your doing something wrong!!!!!! Lol I have more stories but I need some sleep so hope to hear and see more soon!!!
Imfree2BUsed Imfree2BUsed
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 13, 2013

great story. did you clean her up often after ****** by others? did you **** her them?