Shoot ! I Will Answer All :)

heya, Yew don't know me, so u can come with any kind of questions, no matter what its abt or what it's related to, i ll answer all of em and i will be totally honest
dukedukedevlin dukedukedevlin
22-25, M
4 Responses Jan 15, 2013

would u meet me if i am near

sure :)

Would you suck your Father's ****?

dude u'r making me puke ... no i wudnt

urghhh that's wrong on so many counts

How old were you when had your first gay experience?

i was 16

Have you ever had any sort of sex (even solo) anywhere public?

yea, a couple of times, at my work place, solo tho

Job between my senior and junior years of high school, I worked at a shoe warehouse,For lunch almost every day I would climb up on a large pile of cases of shoes and jack off.

thanks for the tip haha