Spit Or Swallow?

So that's my dare! What do you like about it and what do you dislike about it? What would stop you from doing it and what would push you TO do it?
41-45, M
2 Responses Jan 17, 2013

sure swallow that hot white tasty *** i like my bf to always *** directly inside my mouth and i love to clean his **** from any *** spot on his ****
gosh i got horny now once i remember how my bf *** and how his face change to look in heaven high up
while his **** pulsating inside my mouth deeply . and then i like to lick every part of his **** like an ice cream
perfect meal is my bfs *** :)

I prefet to spit but sometimes the moment prevents that from being possible. *** can vary in taste apparently affected by what the guy eats and if heVs peed recently or not so that can help determine what I do with it.