Wow, Good Idea For A Group

Didn't know this existed, it would save maybe on people pm'ing me about whether I take photos of my feet. Fire away!
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do u enjoy being with men? you take photos of your feet? :)

What is your favorite TV series?

Do you play any sports and what is your favorite to play and to watch?

I play hockey at the centre. We watch football here.

That sounds awesome, I have always been into running and recently started practicing archery in some of my free time. To watch as long as someone I know is playing it is fun to watch.

Do you have a favorite movie? Mine would be not one but the Star Wars series.

I dunno. We watch some cool horror films when we can sneak them lol

Cool, have you seen any of the Resident Evil series? Also I decided to make a I Will Answer Any Question You Dare Ask as well, so if you have any questions for me, just post them there.

Ye I did! But I really like creepy classic ones. Like with the Halloween guy

I think I know who you are talking about, but am not sure 100%. I personally don't watch horror movies very often and have only seen a handful before.

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Do you play video games, and what is your favorite if you do? My favorite is Star Wars Battlefront I and II, and I can't wait to play the reboot that is coming out.

There is like an xbox in the rec room but I aint really down there much

New question : how did you get your brain injury, and then ask me anything you want?

I actually fell in showers and was knocked out

That sucks, I will remember to be extra careful in the shower myself

Are you a nurse, is that where you got your profile name.

Ye was gonna be

Cool, I used to want to be a fire fighter an actually trained as a wildland firefighter in 10th grade but now I am going to school to become a history teacher for community college, although I may also go into the military for a few years, I am still unsure about that, what about you what do you do, school, work, other?

I live in a relearning centre and I'm doing my lessons again and lift skills. We get part time work experience

Were you planning on becoming a nurse and then your head incident happened or some other reason you chose not to be a nurse?

Cool, I used to want to be a fire fighter an actually trained as a wildland firefighter in 10th grade but now I am going to school to become a history teacher for community college, although I may also go into the military for a few years, I am still unsure about that, what about you what do you do, school, work, other? Also were going to be a nurse and then you had your head injury, which kinda put a damper on things?

Sorry this got recopied by accident.

Oh ok. Well ye...lost years and years of memory

****, like everything from those years or just parts, either one would suck


Damn, how many years back did you lose?

I waked up thinking I was 10

holy ****, so what age do you feel like now, do you feel like the age you are from birth, or something else?

I'm about 13 in brain age so ye...lots of lessons

Wow, wow I have thought of before if something like that happened to me what would it be like, but I don't know what I would do if it actually happened. I guess, watch a lot of movies that I had already seen again.

Well I forgot all after around age 10 which is bad

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Are you in England, I checked the time on your profile to the time in England and they matched exactly, I am not trying to be a stalker I am just curious, also I find there are actually a lot of people on EP that live in England. If you would rather not say the answer where everyone can see or tell me at all, I totally understand.

Yeah I'm in London kinda. A bit outside

Cool, I am in California on the the west coast of the US.

What is your favorite color?

Purple :)

Ooh very cool, most people do not have that as their favorite. Mine is blue, but not because of the sky or the ocean, but because that is the color of Obi-wan's lightsaber in Star Wars, and he was the first jedi I saw in the movies and I have loved Star Wars since before I was 4 years, some of my earliest memories have to do with S.W.
What about you why is purple your favorite color?

My fave dress from when I was like 6 was a purple princess i think that lol

That is awesome, what is your favorite movie, movie series, or one of your favorite if you can not pick one. Mine would be the star wars series, including the clone wars and rebels animated tv shows

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What are you in a relearning center for?

Never mind I read some of your other stories and saw that you had a head injury. Although I will come up with another question to ask you.

Yeah that's right

Druuuuum roll please!! The lucky lady asked a question on this topic and aaah well ye look at that! Horny men! Horny men everywhere curious men and all the kind! Here as if its a two for one special

What kind of underwear do you wear?

What is your favorite food?

If you're bathing male patients, and they get an erection would you give them a hand-job or anything?

Hey sexy Do you go braless?

does being a nurse mean you have had some tricky situations with needing to pee and having a full bladder??

i want to see ur pretty feet, if u don't mind? :P

What's the longest period you've gone completely naked? Mine is 5 days.

would you ********** with me?

have you *********** outside?

would you let me massages your breast?

has another nude woman comment how sexy your nude body is?

Dose see another nude woman turn you on?

Would you read me a bedtime story?

Haha...if you can't sleep without one.

It might help

What did you do to end up in the "colony"?

Mail me if you want to know.

has another woman kissed your breast?


Do you enjoy playing naked hockey?

I don't play hockey here thank gawd!

Two questions, if you don't mind.

1. You've referred to living in a "colony;" what kind of colony is it? You also say you're "sentenced" to a colony; what's that about?

You said you're a convicted felon. Can you tell us more about that?


It's a nudist colony for a large number of residents. I'm sentenced to work here as a staff member.

I took an 18 month community payback sentence to avoid a 3 year prison sentence.


Thanks for that!

That is quite alright ;-)

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Do you like being naked? Do you really enjoy it?

Only on my terms! Not as is.

would you mind if I was naked with you?

I am sentenced in a colony...lots of nudists here.

I take it that would be a yes ?

What size are your ****?


Do you like it when men or women suck on them?

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What is your favorite holiday~ in Xmas/Halloween and etc lol

would you like to be online lovers with me?

I have got a crush on you

would you like a erotic email from me after I get a email from you?

would you like my email address? your stunning

Sure thing. And thank you!

have you *********** while looking at a photo of a nude woman?

Nope, sorry!

would you like a email from me and I will tell you about myself in the email to you?

Sure thing!

What's the best way to give a guy a *** ****?

Usually in a shower.

If you had to get a guy off in 2 minutes, what would you do?

*******. It's a certain winner.

You got any tricks? If so, i'd like to know :)

3 sure fire tricks that never fail. But learned over time. :p

What tricks are those? Don't hide your secrets.. haha

I thought most guys had trouble lasting all of two minutes!

Oh yes! With a trick thrown I it's load blowing time.

*******, ball bath and some anal play.

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What are your top three interests?

Music, hockey and reading.


That's 3 :P

how often do you **********?

Recently, almost daily.

At any particular time of day???

Lol no random

Love random! I'll just knock out a quick one!

What's the trigger . . . randy urges, boredom, frustration, as a sleeping aid?

Usually physical exertion.

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have you kissed another breast?

Yes, a few times.

did you like it?

do you like lesbian ****?

Hahaha! Does nothing for me.

do you like photos of nude woman?

Some, yes. I like our bodies. Like men too obviously but the female body is awesome.

i like the shape of your body it is sexy

Aaawww, thank you. From my mum's side. ;)

welcome,would you like to know more about me?

Sure. Hit me with some fun facts. Here or in msg.

would you like me to pm you my yahoo id to you?


could you please pm me your yahoo id?

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Have you ever sucked a guys head while his **** was between your boobs?

Yes I have

I see. I can't imagine he kept his load for very long when you did that.

have you *********** with another woman?

Technically yes.

Had a prank pulled on us in showers.

What size are your feet?

4 :)

Nice :)

I would like to shrink them, though, if that's OK.

Kiss my *** :P


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Where do u prefer a guy to go when ;)?

Spit or swallow?

Depends on if it's a bf or not.

What siZe r ur ****?



have you had a erotic massage with another woman?

No, never.

Will you be posting nude photos of you?

I wont and hopefully nobody I know will either!

you must look sexy when you are nude.

Haha, thx

Do you take photos of your feet?

Lol no :p Good one though.

have you shared a shower with another woman?

Yes, often now.

Hey NurseC will u undress for me ?


Which feels better?

Depends but I prefer a nice helmet.

Cut or uncut better or does it natter

Cut looks better. Just my opinion.

Thank you! you made my day almost a year after that response. I had Circumcision done at 16 yrs! Done at home u had attended!

Do you go nude with other people?

I do now.

I hope they feel Lucky =oO

may I join you sometime to go nude with you?

what size are your breast?


your breast are sexy and so are you.

have you slept nude with another woman?

Yes I have.

did you make love to each other?

Sorry, no. ;)

you have nice breast


welcome are you nude just now?

No I am dressed to go somewhere.

Would you like to know more about me just as a friend? I am Damien btw

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do you sleep nude?

Do now.

Do you have sex more or ********** more?

At the moment, **********.

If I made a..ask me Anything experience...would you ask me Questions on it? xP

I will, sure.

Game Onnnn! >< *in a garth&wayne from Waynes World voice* lol

Ideal bondage scenario is...? =P I always start off with envisioning a nice oak bed with Bed Post'n'silk scarves~ .....or metal cuffs depending =3

I never really considered it. Knowing my luck I'd get the proper metal cuffs.

Earlier down below said it was something wanted to do but not had chance to yet~ ...thot would've had a ideal set-up for it if ever xP

I was just wondering if you have a spanking interest.
I do and love chat with other women into spanking or if have questions for me just ask


was spanked as a young girl but wouldn't say I had an interest.

Okay you asked so here it goes. Would you marry me or do you prefer to be my mistress on the side?

Tough one. Not a big fan of either! ;)

Well at least I tried. ;)

Is acting a career or a hobby ?

I am not an actress, it was just a cool thing to do when offered. :)

OK so how was it for you doing a play in the nude ?

It was "cool" because you were starkers!

whats something you like and dont like about the USA

I like the food, weather and some of the shows. I dislike the gun culture, arrogance and greed.

what do u mean shows? and yeah, guns in the wrong hands is a bad situation

TV Friends which is a total classic. And Big Bang Theory, etc.

oh I thought you meant concerts or plays ha

Pfft! lol

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How big are your ****?

34E atm.

Do you flash them?

I don't flash, no. I have been naked before obviously.

Do you like being naked?

Depends on the situation!

How about at home?

Sometimes. Depends on flatmate!

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How did the play go. How many seats in the theater and howany nights did it run? Does the play have a name?

Awesome thank you. There were 200+ seats and it ran for 5 nights. It was titled Out of Eden. A mainly amateur affair but with decent production.

Do you like expose yourself nude infron of friends?

Can't say I do that much.

What was your first sexual experience? Whether it be with another person or even by yourself when played with your kitty for the first time or whatever it happens to be =3

Embarrassingly it was ************.

Why should that be embarrassing?


What is one sexual fantasy that you have had that you want to full fill ?

Bondage. :P

That's cool giving or receiving ?


You happen to know of a UK movie about a group of people get grouped together in a spiffed up mansion/house that has all the windows bricked up, mix of males'n'females none know who snagged them up and brought them there ofc and the only way to get out is there's only one survivor? Watched it off netflix a year or 2 back and I think they dropped the movie...but want to download or buy it now >< ...also, American Mary is good xD Silly sadistic sexy surgeon with twisted patients that come to hire her LOLZ! ex: twins that want their left arms amputated and switched with each other >< lol But they not go into full graphic scenes like SAW, but they show enough to get the energy across = done nicely I'd say =P

Was it My Little Eye? I am not sure otherwise. :)

OMG...found it~! ....Was "House of 9"~! FINALLY. Oi...was annoying me so much >< The movie you said made me think to try googling the word 'House' along with british UK movie etc...and just now found it ><

Do you think it's good or bad to advertise massage to complete strangers?

Good if you want to get paid for that kinda thing.

Ok, I can accept that. It's my job so I usually advertise to whoever is interested.


Does it bother you when guys ask you for pictures of your feet? And do foot fetishes bother you?

Yes, I don't get the fascination! Don't think feet are the most attractive body part!

What is your favorite body part?

But everyone is made differently

If that's something that interests them then it should not be frowned upon

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What be your favourite British movie, show and most used slang terms? =P (am on a gordon ramsey kick again lately, rewatching his shows off of netflix thru once more lol)

Did you Like, Hate or are Indifferent to Disney's Marry Poppins that had DickVanDyke? xD >< Asking atm since just found out they maken a new movie About-it...not a remake but the troubles of attaining the rights to make the film long a quasi-documentary-disney-movie? hm~

Loved his mockney accent! lol

I actually think it was great for kids, thought the writer of the book hated it apparently!

What is decimal logarithm of the number 100?

Log100base10=2 - no decimal involved,

Ohhh thank you

Surreal! lol

My favourite surreal joke:
How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: Fish!

I can't stop laughing at this joke. Lmao. I'm afraid I'm going to wake up my son. Too funny.

Best question / answer / convo so far. That was funny.

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List your top holidays you look forward to each year and give a reason or 3 for them =P

H'ween is one of my faves, because you can have a great night out with your girls properly dressed up! Xmas of course, because I love unwrapping presents. Other than that, most holidays are the same. I guess over summer I'm only pleased if I get a trip abroad. :)

Well, if ever need a reference or list a name for traveling over the great blue to the USA side of things again (i'm in CA not FL tho ><) can toss my name into that hat =3 ...Summer or not (=

What kind of Junk-mail do you get in your Spam-inboxy? =3

Credit cards, loans and betting sites.

Betting~ Never gotten junk mail about that ...they scams or legit email from actual places that are jus' spam?

I get stuff like: "Hi pleased am your aqquaintance. My is Helga from Africa and mother died. Gimmie bank# to share the account and deposit to escape taxes in my country." The abridged version ofc but nonetheless...makes me sad to be a human to think that these types of things some people can fall for *fallsdown*

Then all the smexy spam gets checked as not-spam ~_^ LOLZ j/k xD

You said you have sensitive nipples, ever have them clamped?

I don't think I'd like it!

Then how do you know how sensitive they are? ;)

Ever have your **** tied up?

Very I have 16 gauge bars in mine it's great

...if a patient was long term in hospital & he was desperate, would u relieve him ???

Some patients need that done.

Whats the best thing you ever done?

I guess won the race to be born.

Have you ever peed your pants by accident ?

Yes I have.

So, do you have a big butt?

Pretty big, yes!

Nice... Lol

Ever thought about being a Nanny Full-time since it usually untaxed income and the rich families willing to pay a good deal if not the same as some other types of jobs? =oO

Have considered it. Why?

Just snooped around on the net and saw a website that deals with that sorta thing~ ....surprised how much some are willing to pay o.O ...and thot since wanted to get away from the physical aspect of caring for the meantime while working towards the psychology end of things...could look into a Nanny position *nods* =3

Depends on the family!

When traveled to Florida, what did you like best about it? (=

The weather and the amazing food.

I love nice feet!

Do you fold your knickers when you put them away? xD (just saw & joined the "Fold my undies" group is why haha XD)

No, why would you?!

Some are everyday Dun-care-where-Or-what-wear them too, which get tossed in the drawer~ The others folded, which are few and not wanna lose track of them =3