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Wow, Good Idea For A Group

Didn't know this existed, it would save maybe on people pm'ing me about whether I take photos of my feet. Fire away!
NurseC NurseC 18-21, F 164 Responses Jan 17, 2013

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Druuuuum roll please!! The lucky lady asked a question on this topic and aaah well ye look at that! Horny men! Horny men everywhere curious men and all the kind! Here as if its a two for one special

What kind of underwear do you wear?

What is your favorite food?

would u show ur breast on line for us or at least for me ?

If you're bathing male patients, and they get an erection would you give them a hand-job or anything?

Hey sexy Do you go braless?

does being a nurse mean you have had some tricky situations with needing to pee and having a full bladder??

i want to see ur pretty feet, if u don't mind? :P

What's the longest period you've gone completely naked? Mine is 5 days.

Will you give me a naked bed bath with a happy ending NurseC?

My girlfriend and I enjoy reading how women react to seeing the size of my pens. Can i send you a picture in exchange for your opinion / reaction?

do you walk around the house naked?

Are you a real nurse?, have you given boys bed baths, washing them all over, and do you enjoy it, seeing them naked.

would you ********** with me?

have you *********** outside?

would you let me massages your breast?

has another nude woman comment how sexy your nude body is?

Dose see another nude woman turn you on?

Would you read me a bedtime story?

Haha...if you can't sleep without one.

It might help

What did you do to end up in the "colony"?

Mail me if you want to know.

has another woman kissed your breast?


Do you enjoy playing naked hockey?

I don't play hockey here thank gawd!

Two questions, if you don't mind.

1. You've referred to living in a "colony;" what kind of colony is it? You also say you're "sentenced" to a colony; what's that about?

You said you're a convicted felon. Can you tell us more about that?


It's a nudist colony for a large number of residents. I'm sentenced to work here as a staff member.

I took an 18 month community payback sentence to avoid a 3 year prison sentence.


Thanks for that!

That is quite alright ;-)

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Do you like being naked? Do you really enjoy it?

Only on my terms! Not as is.

would you mind if I was naked with you?

I am sentenced in a colony...lots of nudists here.

I take it that would be a yes ?

What size are your ****?


Do you like it when men or women suck on them?

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What is your favorite holiday~ in Xmas/Halloween and etc lol

would you like to be online lovers with me?

I have got a crush on you

would you like a erotic email from me after I get a email from you?

would you like my email address? your stunning

Sure thing. And thank you!

have you *********** while looking at a photo of a nude woman?

Nope, sorry!