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Not sure there is much I can talk about on here.Just ask me anything ....ANNNYYYTTTHING.ya know ...if you are interested.
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What is your favorite food? Like what could you have over and over and not get tired of.

i guess ii would have to say hibachi lol

Do you know how much I enjoy having you as a friend?

How often to you pleasure yourself?

:O I am regretting liking this group.

LOL, too funny, you said to ask AANNNNNNYYYTHING...No answer?

Here's a few: fave ice cream flavor
outdoor activity
vacation spot

green tea ice cream or cookies and cream
jogging or hiking
the nc mountains

Green tea, huh? I'm still neutral on that flavor, can't really decide whether I like it or not. No. Carolina sounds nice, just didn't know they had mountains there.

oh yes we have the mountains and the beach :)

You live in VA? That is awesome.Va beaches are nice I hear.My parents love them.

:) yes sounds like my kind of fun time.

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