I am a 61 year old transgender male now living very happily as a woman full time. In my previous life I was a decorated veteran of the Vietnam war, a husband and father of two and had a successful career as an auto mechanic.  I fell into a coma for three months a few years ago and was kept alive by machines and some wonderful nurses.  I have lived a very full life and am willing to answer any questions
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You're brave. Alright, my question is in your heart have you always
been a woman? When you were as much a man as a man can be,
were you a woman in your heart? I know the answer, I'm just trying
to be provacative. lol Sorry.

No problem here. Yes, I always wanted to be female but have only recenty started living my dream. I enlisted in the army in 1970 and served in Vietnam. I fathered two wonderful children who are having trouble accepting me, I lived a full life as a man but I have never been happier than I am today. I love being female now, I truly do

Do you wear nailpolish / toenail polish sometimes?

All the time. Today they are a bright red. I am very open about who I am and have found most people accept me much easier than I expected. I love to wear make up as well, not much. Just a little concealer and foundation to cover my shadow, mascara and brow pencil and of course lipstick. I'm not attractive, but can pass for a mature woman most of the time

Was it hard for you to practice painting your nails at first? I don't remember when I first started but it's still a bit hard to keep within the lines, especially painting with my left hand (I'm right-handed). What is(are) normally your favourite colour(s)? I always wondered how hard it would be for someone who never painted their nails before, to suddenly try.

Mine are a dark red today. It's amazing how much difference a second coat makes on some colours.

It is hard for me. I have arthritis as well and my hands shake a lot. I love wearing nail polish though, as well as make up. I love everything about being female to be honest. The lingerie, the pretty clothes, the high heels. What's not to like? I adore pinks and red colors, but I have used others as well. As long as it is appropriate for a mature woman I will wear it.

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