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Ok, go ahead and ask away. I promise to at least consider answering.
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is your navel (bellybutton) a outie or innie? can i see

do you spit or swallow? do you like anal sex?

Ever kissed another women?

You're a member of I Like To Chat With People As They **********. Is that for real, or did you just pick that group because you figured it'd probably garner alot of attention? Add me? I tried to send you a message but it wouldn't go thru. Thanks.

Does your husband know you have sex on the side?

two examples of someone being dishonest and how did you handle it?

Did you ever ***** in front of 2 black guys?

When was your last org.asm and were you alone or with a partner?

Would you flirt? Or talk sexual things with someone who is in an open relationship? :)

Can you and I be friends? :)

i would love to meet a great looking women like you you seam to be good fun as we say in ireland good crack love x

Are elfs real?



Have you ever shown anyone your body parts and asked advice?



What was the best pick up line used on you, and what was the worst?

Will you pee on me??


I love how open u are what's ur bra size and will u add me to ur friends

It depends on the bra. My breasts are kind of shallow so I prefer a Demi-cup bra the best. I'm kind of between two sizes so I will either wear a 32B or a 30C depending on the brand and style of bra.

Where'd you go for those several months? You posted regularly, and then gone.

I spent 6 weeks in Italy and worked on my relationship with my son. I posted about my son in order to learn. I was helped immensely but j was also blown away at how some just wanted to get off over my son's situation. Seeking info on my son is how I discovered this site.
Anyway, I decided to put it away for a while or else cuss some folks out.
I decided to return and be selective about who I discuss him with. I no longer post stories about him; only me.

Yeah I hear you. I've always loved the stories about you. Read some of your posts below, and I can imagine you must've been fuming. Keep writing about yourself - and I'd love it if you'd add me. Best.

Thx, I'll add anyone who is actually spending their time reading about me. I'm honestly flattered.

What do you think of Asian people?When speaking of Asian people what is the first thing crossing your mind? LOL


I thought it was kung fu LOL...

Depends on which Asians. Japanese -karate. I think Kung fu is Chinese but that's the limit of my knowledge.

Yeah,Kung fu is Chinese,and I'm Chinese.I sense you're very nice to people.Well,I get an Italian friend who lived in Milan,but now he stays in Shanghai due to business.He is professional in interior design and he is a very kind and nice person too.Always love to make friends with people like you kind.

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Will u bmy friend?

Whats most taboo thing you have done!

Probably when I let my dog lick my ***** when I was a teenager. LOL...is that bad?

Not very bad. If he knotted you that would be.lol

Does your hasband know your on EP ?
N please add me would love to see more of you...thanks

My husband has no idea I am on EP.

Just wonding , makes it all the better , im thinking you want me turned on and doing bad/good things to your pics , would tell you all about it , but need to be added...thanks..

How's your week been so far? Any fun suprises? (two sorry)

Hello Have you ever had sex with a woman?

yes, and i liked it. but it is definitely not my favorite.

what are you wearing and why

A tank top and panties. Because that is what I am sleeping in tonight.

I just want too say that I love older women and you are very hot, sex would be amazing and wild with you. hope you swallow. nothing but love for ya.


How old are your kids?

I only have one child. I decided to stop writing about him.

how old is you son and why did you decide to stop writing about him...you can message if you would like

I stopped writing about him because I felt his story was beginning to turn from being positive and potentially inspirational for some into a sexually stimulating experience for others who wanted to use it as a personal fantasy. I left them up because I believe we overcame a difficult subject and the evolution we made could be a learning experience for mothers like myself but I no longer want to allow people to turn our story into something negative.

Can men and women be just friends

Yes they can...Sorry not my question but my opinion just the same :)

I am not sure. I think not unless they are gay men.

Have you ever felt uncontrollably "in lust" with someone where you physically responded to their presence?

Absolutely! Many times.

What is your most taboo fantasy and/or fetish?
Have you ever had a squirting ******?
Have you ever been caught ************?
details in all please

Have you ever peed your pants accidentally or on purpose?? If so, how did it feel??

It's late so my questions are not deep or thoughtful. Just stupid perv stuff, but answer truthfully.1) would you ever sleep with a guy for money 2) would you ever **** a guy 20 years older than you 3) oral, anal vaginal rate in order of enjoyment 4) spit or swallow 5) have you ever let a dog lick your ***** 6) how many women have you been with 7) do you believe in god 8) what is a better economic system - socialism, capitalism or communism. Friend me

favourite fantasy at the moment?

Would consider adding me? I love your attitude and perspective. Plus you are delightfully kinky. But that's not where I'm going with this.

I love smaller breasts (ok I love pretty much all sizes of them). To me it is all about shape and proportionality. Will you add me please so I may enjoy your husbands handy work? I may even have to get my own hands working...

if you could have children,which would you want boy or girl.

I have a son so I would love to have a daughter too. But I can't have more children :((

So I'm definitely a fan, read several of your posts. I've always had the impression of you being extremely self-assured. Which, of course is not in the least to say that you have no insecurities. But reading below, you mentioned your "mediocre breasts".

So is this an area of insecurity for you? If so, have you considered breast implants... and if so, how much bigger would you want to go?

I am an unabashed breast fan. That's not to say it's the only thing that interests me in a woman. My wife of almost ten years did get implants two years ago, after having our two children. It was a big decision, and she took her time in making it, but she (and I) love the results!

Thanks for your reply - keep writing, you ROCK!

No, never considered breast augmentation. I wish I were given a little more but I prefer to remain natural until such time as they begin to look terrible then I will probably do it.

So when you're Cute70sMom...?

Yes, or 50's if needed.

You got a very interesting profile, I would love to see more...can we be friends?

Would my medium sized **** get lost in between your medium size breasts?....lol

..I like smaller breasts by the way

Good! I like you better.

Lol...good.....but you didn't answer my question...

I don't think anything would get lost between my boobs. Their not tiny but certainly not big by anyone's imagination. Now, I havn't seen your **** so perhaps it could or couldn't. You say medium but that could be an inflated view or on the smaller end of a fairly undefined and subjective ruler. I think I would be a better judge of medium than you since I don't have a dog in the race and I've probably seen more of them than you.

Lol...take a look at my pics and give me your opinion....like your boobs....it certainly is not big by anyone's imagination...lol...let me know what ya think

I looked...for some reason Chaz Bono is coming to mind....lol...I'm just kidding. I hope you didn't "get it", yes you are the epitome of medium. I stand corrected. Haha

Lol...didn't chaz get a sex change.....jeez I know I'm not big but......a sex change.....lol

Your picture by the way are superb....very talented photographer

Thank you

I just saw your ice cube pic and your frustrated pic.......sensational......and btw your boobs to me are clearly on the top end of medium.....perfection comes to mine....whereas my **** is probably on the short end of medium.....lol

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If i took you out and treated you like a queen and we slept together where would you like me to ***?if in ur ***** would you let me eat you out afterwards

You wouldn't like me very much. I don't have big boobs. You would probably make fun of me and make me cry and leave without even so much as a kiss. Then I would leave and go get screwed by someone else, then you'd be horny later - regretting being so mean to me earlier - and call me up thinking you could just look over my mediocre breasts and **** me, and I'd probably realize you were being shallow and horny and not at all genuine so i would only let you come over and eat me because you wouldn't have earned the right to **** me because you only like huge breasts!

Mira mami i would never make fun of a woman not in my nature my name says boobie fan not big boobie fan im not prejudice against smaller breast their usually firm and fun anything more than a handful is overkill but fun at times,just being in ur presence would be enough even if i dont own the right to **** you:)

On the contrary, your profile joined an experience called "I'm obsessed with huge boobs" so I assume you are a "big boobie fan". lol

Good answer! I like the honesty, as well as the insight into the questioner (though I don't doubt he is being sincere when he says he wouldn't find you in the least bit objectionable)

I'm just messing around with him. But, he really should consider leaving that group and join better company. Lol

Nope im just a big fan of breast not just "big Breast" im new to the EP dont know how to navigate through here just yet .I just logged in with computer and was able to upload avatar pici had been on with my cell only.Youre one bad *** sounding chick i respect that keep up what your doing. And u being italian is so damn hot :-)

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Would you photograph us nude together ?

If my husband would agree to it. He's the talent not me. I'm just the winch that agrees to it. If your hot I'm sure he'd love to.

Ever get caught by your kids having s ex or mas tur bating?
If yes, what did you do, keep going?

No, never. That would be awful! I guess I could tell him I'm checking his dad for ticks or something...lol

What is the most unusual object you have ever had in your *****?

That would be something that I'm embarrassed to talk about. I know lots of girls have probably done it but I still don't think I could share the experience. Other than the correct answer, I can say when I was very young and trying out the capabilities of my newly discovered fixture, I tried all sorts of fruits and vegetables. I could have made a tossed salad.

Thats funny, but also very hot at the same time! I think i would have enjoyed a salad like that.

i have read through the Q&A's and must say i have enjoyed your intellect and the way in which you have responded. but this is more of a statement than a question tho. lol. tx.

Thank you!

swallow or spit?

Swallow. I don't particularly think its the most wonderful thing I've ever tasted but swallowing it enhances the guys experience and I want my man to enjoy himself. I don't hate he taste, don't love the taste...just love to please that's pretty much it.

Have you or would you have sex chat with a guy?

I have yes, will I again? Probably, but on rare occaision. I must really be turned on and in a place where I can. I'm raising a child so certainly not when I'm hanging out with him or on weekends when my husbands home.

would you kiss your kids in front of their friends ?

Absolutely! I do that all the time. Right now he still thinks its ok. I hope he always does.

I was mocked at school for that!

Sorry for that but you survived didn't you? I'll never quit kissing him as long as he lets me.

I didn't care! just people said you don't know how wrong that is in so many ways!

I'm 26 years old to this day and I still do that!

Good for you.

Can i Ask you a favor please ?

Please read my 1 story on my profile as I see you got kids and I don't want them to go through the same painful experience as me! I'm not trying to scare only just to warn you!

Please feel free to comment on the story! you can add me if you like


I read your story babe, Im so sorry that you were abused by that creep. Thank you for your concern and I promise to take very good care of my little guy so he doesn't fall victim to the kind of preditor that you did. I hope you've found a good therapist and I'm glad your still kissing your mom.

lol @ kissing part

I learn't to deal with it in my own way with the love and support of my friends on ep, close friends and family

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Eat and sleep

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time???

I love to treasure hunt. We both like old things so I frequent several of the antique stores near here always looking for the new acquisitions. I also love shopping in general. Most days I have a morning cappuccino with a friend or two and try to fit in 3 days of yoga classes a week.

White men or Black men? Which do you prefer sexually. My wife made, to me, a beautiful comment the other day that " I only want to have sex with black men"...othere than me of course. Truly enjoy your writings and ideas...thoughtful and very intelligent answers

The first guy I ever fell in love with was black. So, since that time I have always been weak for a handsome black guy. I love sex period and my husband is awesome but I'll admit that black guys really push my buttons sexually. If my husband would allow us an open marriage I would honestly be less selective and just go for volume but since I have to cheat to get a little side sex, I usually prefer black guys although I'm not exclusive totally.

vero che fare sesso dietro il marito? io sono di una famiglia Italiana Cubano pensato che quando una giovane donna diventa vecchio è per il sesso con molte persone.

Sì, è più vero di me. mi piacciono a tradire mio marito di tanto in tanto. io non sono a conoscenza teaditions cubani, ma le donne e gli uomini italiani sono noti per allontanarsi.

bene vogilio sapere una donna no chi sono. tuo marito non importa se si hanno rapporti sessuali.

mio marito non sa quello che faccio.

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What is your most outrageous fantasy?

Not sure! I might have to be in an outrageous mood to answer that one. I'm pretty outrageous by most peoples standards already.

Let me know when you are in an outrageous mood so you can answer. Nothing shocks me.

Most People don't work in jobs they truly love, which is sad but if You had one choice and could be rich inside Your Heart or have a poor, miserable attitude everyday what would You pick ?

why do most people live in a negative place in their lives rather than being happiest ? Are a majority of people afraid ??

That's not a very difficult choice...rich inside or poor and miserable. I would definitely choose rich inside my heart. I pretty much think I live there anyway.

As far as the why...I think that most people have no idea who they really are inside. They are conditioned and socialized to fit a mold and fortunately many do. But often people dont fit the molds that were cast for them and are left confused without the guts to move outside the norm and just live their lives in a way that is best for them.

That is so in sight full particularly what You said n the second part

Thank You So Much !

Have u ever been fisted ? N if so did u enjoy it

No, never fisted but I may as well have been because I did have a very large guy one time who was the size of a woman's fist, no ****! And, yes, I enjoyed it very much once the fist part made it past the first part, which took a little while. After that, it was pure heaven.