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Ok, go ahead and ask away. I promise to at least consider answering.
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if you saw someones buttcrack what would you do?

Are you ever open the front Door totally nude? If yes,, to who? Or ever be only one nude anywhere and all others dressed?
Or maybe serve drinks to friends nude?

Do you prefer younger men, older men, or men around your age?

You're a member of I Like To Chat With People As They **********. Is that for real, or did you just pick that group because you figured it'd probably garner alot of attention? Add me? I tried to send you a message but it wouldn't go thru. Thanks.

Does your husband know you have sex on the side?

two examples of someone being dishonest and how did you handle it?

Have you ever had a *********?

Did you ever ***** in front of 2 black guys?

When was your last org.asm and were you alone or with a partner?

Would you flirt? Or talk sexual things with someone who is in an open relationship? :)

Can you and I be friends? :)

i would love to meet a great looking women like you you seam to be good fun as we say in ireland good crack love x

Are elfs real?



Have you ever shown anyone your body parts and asked advice?


Do you love it when a fat black **** **** in you, stays in and starts all over again?

Yes I do!

You might like mine then ;)

I'm confident I would. How do I get it?

by messaging me :)

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What was the best pick up line used on you, and what was the worst?

Will you pee on me??


I love how open u are what's ur bra size and will u add me to ur friends

It depends on the bra. My breasts are kind of shallow so I prefer a Demi-cup bra the best. I'm kind of between two sizes so I will either wear a 32B or a 30C depending on the brand and style of bra.

Where'd you go for those several months? You posted regularly, and then gone.

I spent 6 weeks in Italy and worked on my relationship with my son. I posted about my son in order to learn. I was helped immensely but j was also blown away at how some just wanted to get off over my son's situation. Seeking info on my son is how I discovered this site.
Anyway, I decided to put it away for a while or else cuss some folks out.
I decided to return and be selective about who I discuss him with. I no longer post stories about him; only me.

Yeah I hear you. I've always loved the stories about you. Read some of your posts below, and I can imagine you must've been fuming. Keep writing about yourself - and I'd love it if you'd add me. Best.

Thx, I'll add anyone who is actually spending their time reading about me. I'm honestly flattered.

What do you think of Asian people?When speaking of Asian people what is the first thing crossing your mind? LOL


I thought it was kung fu LOL...

Depends on which Asians. Japanese -karate. I think Kung fu is Chinese but that's the limit of my knowledge.

Yeah,Kung fu is Chinese,and I'm Chinese.I sense you're very nice to people.Well,I get an Italian friend who lived in Milan,but now he stays in Shanghai due to business.He is professional in interior design and he is a very kind and nice person too.Always love to make friends with people like you kind.

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Will u bmy friend?

In UK there is a chat site called LYCOS CHAT and there are straight-bi and gay there in gentlemen's room.

Would you cross dress a male friend ands take it futher

If he asked me too I would. I don't think I'd want my husband to do it because I really am addicted to his masculinity but I would have no problem helping a male friend do it. I totally get guys who are gender confused and I also get that some guys are just sexually aroused by girl stuff and not confused by gender at all. I'd be happy to help. But I think dressing a guy in drag is probably way different than dressing myself.

Thank you for the reply-I am straight but feel stuck in a female body

Don't be stuck. Make a plan and crawl out. Girls have way more fun.

I have 2 daughter 39 and 40 as was married young and at my age plus a few health problems I can only keep to cross dressing when alone.
And go out late in skirt and panties.
I wish I did have sex change when younger and then be with another girl.
But time as passed by and now lots on EP know something about me.
Also since age of 16 I have given advice and listened to advice.
Not sure if you ready to settle down yet-but when you are I hope the both of you have fun in life and to be happy.

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Whats most taboo thing you have done!

Probably when I let my dog lick my ***** when I was a teenager. that bad?

Not very bad. If he knotted you that would

Lucky dog and lucky you when you were younger.

Does your hasband know your on EP ?
N please add me would love to see more of you...thanks

My husband has no idea I am on EP.

Just wonding , makes it all the better , im thinking you want me turned on and doing bad/good things to your pics , would tell you all about it , but need to be added...thanks..

Hi and yes I am older with daughters and here 9pm uk time

How's your week been so far? Any fun suprises? (two sorry)

I have in earkier years had about five girlfriends-one my female cousin younger than me to touch each other and at 16 have sex in and out of a dress.
Had sex outside near beaches where there were places to hide and with 2 females undressed them both and when naked we were seen by an older couole who looked but walk on by.
Not into male sex but everyone curious about something-though in my case not male sex.
But love to see either sex in mini skirt or dress to tease others as I have done on cam before when home alone.
Having always felt I was born in a female body-I found myself wearing panties at first.
From then on after marriage wear dresses and skirts.
I do get very errect in soft panties stroking through them.
And love how you females can dress to make most men bcome full of temptation and want to wear when you and others wear.
Anymore questions I will ask.

That is not a question.

Would you wear a tiny skirt or dress out and stand somewhere or sit while others passing look.
Its a question-and I will answer any question too.

Yes, I wear pretty sexy clothes anyway.

If a boy told you he was a cross dresser-a friend of yours-
Would u help him to dress in your clothes to please him.

Love to see you in sexy clothes mini dress and skirts and white underwear my favorite

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Hello Have you ever had sex with a woman?

yes, and i liked it. but it is definitely not my favorite.

what are you wearing and why

A tank top and panties. Because that is what I am sleeping in tonight.