So Bored

I'm extremely bored. Ask me anything, I just need something to do :P
DarkCelestriaRose DarkCelestriaRose
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what are u into

Most things art and animation. I also like medicine quite a bit (the study of it)

me too i am a med student

Really? Is it difficult?

i would not be telling the truth if i said it was easy but yes it is a lot of work but very rewarding

I see. And I imagine it would be

i hope u follow through with it a bet you would be great at it

Thanks, and I do plan to follow through with this

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My question is, how on earth can anyone be bored??? I hear people say this all the time and it's never made sense to me. There are books, TV, computers, you can take walks, write stories, play games, the list goes on and on. I don't think I've ever been bored in my life.

I'm bored too

Idk how, but I think it's because of all of that. Because we're cut off from that past forced communication that people used to have with one another

Here I'll help why do you think your a werewolf

Well as most our age can say, I can't be absolutely sure since I can't shift yet. But I have the instincts as well as the mental shifts quite often.

I only mental shift once and I phantom shift a couple of times

What does that feel like?

What phantom shift uh well it feels like you have extra limps like a tail or wolf ears and paws I mostly get wolf ears and paws but never the tail

Oh I see

I even have dream shifts alot when you shift into a wolf in your dreams I have that alot

I've had that once

you did

Yeah, but in it I died and my mate and pup were howling in pain. Then I saw a lion cub with it's mother and the cub had the same marking on it's eye that I draw on my wolf form when I do draw it.

hi im a werewolf too so wat do u mean by the instincts would they be craving for meat, having an attraction to nature (especially wolfs)?

No, I mean like the instincts to growl, bark, run, bite, etc.

Me too and the ones that I listed off.

I've always loved meat. I wish it was the only thing I could eat, other than sweets. Nature has always been beautiful to me as well, but I've been kept away from it for as long as I can remember

How have u been kept from it?

I'm not allowed into the woods or camping at all

Wow that totally sucks

Yeah it does

So guess wat I'm going to be a veterinarian

That's cool

Yeah, so where do u go to school leon, chiles, Lincoln? ( by the way I go to leon high school)

Glacier Peak

I never heard of it

It's a new school. It's only been open for 5 years




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