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All time favorite sexual experience?

in order, what would you prefer right now?
a good meal
a good night's sleep
good sex

would you prefer an attractive stranger see you naked or would you rather see an attractive stranger naked?

see me naked

i go back and forth depending on the day. today i think i'd prefer to be seen too.

When was the last time someone other than a partner, family member or doctor saw you naked?

can I see your bare feet?

add me young lady.I think I want a word with you in private..thank you

what is your interest in daddy/daughter role play?

I am a natural submissive so I like being the daughter. Having a daddy gives me that sense of security that daughters long for.

If you ever want to play, I play on YIM. SN fatherfigure4rp. Maybe we can just chat about what we both like and see if we have a good match.

What's your favorite food to be eaten off of you ?

Sushi! Or honey.

Sushi vegetarian or fish


But either is fine

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You hate underwear? Wearing any now?

I wear them at work unless I am instructed otherwise.

What do you like to wear and under what circumstances would you be asked to remove them?

Don't bother outside work then?

Sorry. I just saw this. I prefer to wear dresses and skirts. If I have a Dom who tells me not to wear panties to work, I won't wear them. When I'm off work, I rarely wear panties. If I wear jeans, I wear panties for chaffing reasons. I don't wear jeans unless the situation calls for it. I own the pairs of jeans total.

Will you do whatever I tell you to?

You did not answer!

Have you ever open the door toraly nude to stranger? Been onlyone nuđ and others clothed.? Foced to ***** in front of someone? Lost naked bet

Never opened a door nude. I have been the only nude person in a room full of clothed people. I have been forced to ***** in front of people. Lost naked bet? Does ***** poker count?

How submissive are you?

Did you get paddled in school?
If so, what grades?

No. I never misbehaved in school enough to get paddled. I did get the yard stick a few times though. I went to catholic school.

After fifth grade is when the yard stick started.

From reading the responses I see that you were raped and enjoyed the experience. Was it a ganuine rape or an arranged rape. Please send the story to my in box.

How do you feel about discipline in front of others?

if someone caught you naked would you prefer that it was a friend or a stranger?

depends....if they are planning on getting naughty or violent.

lets assume they only saw you, for instance laying out in your backyard.

Have you ever flashed your *** assistance or puss at the Walmart super store on us1?

what's the greatest number of people to see you naked at one time?


party, skinny dipping, impromptu flash? what were you doing?

what is your favorite position

How would you feel if you get a chance to have sex with virgin younger than you.

while the lack of sexual history is admirable, the lack of experience would be a hindrance.

you can make him an expert by becoming his sex teacher and can mould him in the way you want it to be. ;-) and probably you will be the happiest women with the man you made.

I am not the dominant type. sorry

Do you prefer to see strangers naked or be seen naked by strangers?

be seen.

when was the last time someone other than a family member or doctor saw you naked?

not counting someone I was dating???

yes, partners don't count

probably when my son's 22yr old friend walked in on me naked in my room....about four months ago

funny, i saw my gf's mom naked back in high school (wrote about it). i've always wondered if it was an accident or if she staged it to look like and accident. hmmmm.
would you ever stage accidental nudity?

Well then...let's see the show!

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Have you ever swam nekkid at Laura s walker park?

No but that sounds like fun....minus gators.

Ever been ****** by an English man?


Well I'd love to be the first ;-)

Did you ****** while being raped?

Oh my goodness yes!! I loved it!!


If you can copy and paste that to my inbox too. I would love to hear about this.

Might I see that story in my inbox, too, please?

Please send me the story as well.

can you send the story to me please??

could you also send to our inbox this story?

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How often do you have sex?

What is your favorite sexual thing to do?

I haven't had sex in several years. My favorite thing is kneeling before my man and giving him head until he says stop.

Several years! How can that be? I go nuts if I go more than several days.

It isn't by choice. But the longer I stay single, the more picky I become.

Im not far from waycross. I could help you sometime

you are not far?? where are you??

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tell me what your favorite way to ********** is.

In front of my man

Excellent answer!

have u been nassty lately?

Not lately

I think i love this woman.

When did your Master leave you?
Are you alone at home now?

Can i lick your beautiful *****?

would you like a my lil daughter?

As a sub do you do every thing you master says ? Or is just in the bed room?as sub do I get to do what I want to w your body?

I submit completely to my man when I have one. Not just in the bedroom.

I like that. What do you like most about being a sub?

Being able to make my master happy.

What do you least like about being a sub

Trying to find a new master.

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What are you wearing today

What's snowballed

have you ever snowballed anyone


nice, I love to do this. Its funny that when I say that people thing that I am submissive, I just think its erotic and makes me hard as a nail!


Theres nothing better then awoman squirting all over my face!!!


I have done that to a few men...and women

Do you squirt?

Yes :-)

spit or swallow?

Swallow always

atta girl!!!

I am hoping other women go back to doing it. That is what is wrong with the world today. Women are not made to think for themselves. I have been single for a very long time and trust me, thinking for myself is not going so well.

What is the most outrageous sexual thing you have ever done?

Being gang raped

Was it rape or something you wanted? Do you want to add me?

It was rape...I never asked for it until after that

That wasn't a sexual experience then. It was a crime. I was thinking along the lines of something more pleasurable that you had done. How about that?

I did enjoy it

What did you like best?

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Have you found someone to nurse you yet and be your master?

I have possibilities but nothing has down up in person yet.


I liked being dominated by so many men and being forced to please them. I loved that there was no resting point for me. They treated me like a real woman is suppressed to be treated...as a slave to men.

Do you have a limit as what you would do as a slave to men? Add me.

Of course I have limits. What is the point of adding you...it will never be real

Ok. I just thought we could talk with privacy. You are right, I am not a dominant. I prefer equal pleasure. I did read 50 Shades of Grey, though. Have you read it?

I just started reading it yesterday. An ex gave it to me for Christmas

50 shades is bullshit in this area and you know it. You had better not of liked it or you are not a true sub. A true sub will relinquish herself to her man, forget anything she has read in that bullshit story and continue on with her sub life, which is to serve and please her master in all and any way imaginable. Are you a true sub/slave? Maybe we should have a conversation about this! If you have not found a Master yet, add me. Otherwise you should inform your Master that you actually read this drivel and ask for his forgiveness and accept his displeasure with no remorse

It is a good book. However, probably not like the real thing. You let me know, ok.

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Will you do anything I ask of you?

You already know this answer. "usually. Yes."