Bisexual, Married, Etc... Ask Me!

I am a 26 yo female, i am bisexual, married to a man, and have a beautiful little girl. Currently living on Idaho but moving back to Iowa soon. Ask anything :)
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ever made a snow angel nude?

Haha no, that would be very cold

Have you ever opened the door totaly naked or be only one naked in front of more people when they are dressed? with who and why? just liked, forced, lost bet?

No, I have not

Well, nice to know that you're bi too., where to meet bisexua lwomen and men. OK, ad end ;)
Here the question: Will you sign up on

Ever let your husband wear your lingerie? X


Fair enough. Would u ever consider it? X

Idk haven't been in they situation

That's a good reason! :)

why not? u should try it, see wot happens.....u'll luv it, try it and me me afterwards?

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Can you add us as friends?

Hi love, here's a question...what's ur favorite part of a woman's body?

Hmmm hard to choose. I love lips and breasts the most

hi there pretty face..hope u doing well :)

have you ever fisted or been fisted?

Lol no. Not one of my fantasies

have to had a erotic dream about a female member from Ep?

No. Most of my erotic dreams involve random women I've never seen or met.

Does your husband enjoy your bisexuality? Does he join in? I sure as hell would...LOL!

He does enjoy it now, the possibilities. He has yet to join in since we have yet to bring another woman home. But we've been to the ***** club together and he very much enjoys seeing me with the women there.

have you made love to another woman outside while another woman is ************ while she watches?

Nope, have not

My son lives near Minnesota border, north of Waterloo. Did you move yet? And, love bi women;)

Yes I moved. We are in Iowa now

What part of Iowa are you in ?

Central ia

Thats cool :) im in the eastern part

have you shared a shower with a woman then made love to her afterwords?

No I have not. I would love to tho

have you had a erotic massage with a woman?

No :( it's totally one of my fantasies tho!

Naughtiest thing you've done with a woman ;)

I had a ********* once, all girls. Lots of fun.

Mmmmm...very hot.


I think what your doing is fine.. Because I am doing the same thing and having both worlds is nice and every woman dreams about it and some of us just do it .. I just wish I lived closer to you.. :).. I don't care what other people think of me as long as I am happy and you should think the same way.. Do what ever make's you feel good sweetheart you only live once and enjoy your life as much as you can.. You never know when God will take you.. Have a Blessed Day Love You....

Thx. I've really been wanting a ********* lately but hard to find an attractive willing woman to join us

How are you? Where in Idaho are you?

I'm not anymore


Do you have sexual encounters with anyone other than your husband?

Yes, but only women

awwww. well I love the fact that you like sex with with women.

Have you had a lot of negative reaction to how you are living? (Married to a man and having a daughter while being BI(I'm a BI by the way))

Not really so far. I don't really advertise my lifestyle to people I know. Only my good friends and my brother know, that I'm Aware of. But my friends are cool with it. I did get a lot of negative reactions on a post is written about it on babycenter tho. Some of it was pretty hurtful, but I try to ignore the negativity, it's MY life, not theirs.

Waves from Wisconsin

Two questions....

When did you tell him of your sexual orientation (as you met, some time after, before you married....)

Will you tell your daughter or is it non of her concern.

Do you find it easy to meet other women where you live.

Sorry! Three questions :O)

Well he knew before we got married that I was attracted to girls and had seen me kiss one before. But didn't really think I was bisexual or anything, I really didn't think so either. It was after we were married that I realized I really liked women too. I had a few encounters with other girlfriends while we were married that he didn't know about. It was only a couple months ago that I really came out and told him everything.
I will probably not tell my daughter unless she, when she's older, she asks me. Then I will be honest with her about it.
No not easy here at all. Hoping that changes when we move.

Refreshingly open and honest response. Thank you and good luck in your move!

Thank you :)

Do those states actually offer anything interesting? Lol

Lol well yes. Idaho is so beautiful and there's so much wilderness. I love the place but hate the town. Iowa has well corn lol but my family is there so yeah