I'M Not Sure If This Is Strange...

I've recently realized, while answering a text from a male friend of mine, that I really enjoy telling sexual stories to people.

Not like lying about what I've done, but like creating a scenario for someone and then telling them what I'd do to them.

It started off when he asked me if I'd ever give someone oral sex in public, to which I responded I would, then he asked if I'd do it at a train station. I again said I would. He asked me how I'd do it, and I explain in extreme detail the experience I would have liked, and it turned out a bit more like an erotic book than I intended.

I real used though, after having completed it, that I quite enjoyed the creation of it, and that I like telling them to other people. I'm not sure how normal this is yet...
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That sounds really hot! I'd love to hear about your teacher keeping you behind after class and getting you naked.... and you getting top grades in return...

Well some people have a good imagination, and are able to picture things quickly. Or have a special sort of creativity that may allow them to make a scenario or stroy out of some key words.

Depending on how much fun you have on doing those sort of things, you may be quite able to get an author of short stories... or maybe even books.

Also i think it is nothing unusual :) - some people have more of this creativity and imagination than others.

It may not be normal but it is highly erotic.

Add me im sure we can have some fun with your new found hobby lol

Have you ever peed your panties ?

What do you think about men that wear women's panties ?

Exploration of sexual scenarios opens up your mind as well as hormones and it's perfectly natural. The taboo of a story or the rush of another...Feels great.

It is normal. You can pm me anytime. You are hot


Yes, but he certainly didn't seem to mind.

My late wife and I both used to get turned on when she flashed her *****. The sex afterward was great.

Do share your thoughts how u created it..

Would you talk or flirt sexual things with a guy who is in an open relationship? ;)

It is so good to feel your story as a telepathic tool to reach out, and take in. How normal? It is super normal!

You should consider posting them here on EP, maybe? You could get a few fans and maybe end up writing a book!

Did u find your erotic story was exciting u?

Honestly, has anyone seen you in your underwear in the past 3 months?


I, for one, would love to hear your stories.

Just message me a scenario, and I'll go for it :)

it's very normal