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I am willing to openly (as possible) and honestly answer a question from anyone. Please be respectful, you never know who might read it. Bring it on I am prepared to answer away!!
Michelle1089 Michelle1089
26-30, F
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how do u see dom/sub?

what ages did dad spank u ??

until early 20's

Still accepting questions?

You've had some embarrassing teenage exposures, such as getting caught skinny dipping and having the surf pull off your bikini bottom. Anything like that happen as an adult? And would you ever like that sort of thing to happen again?

never had it happen totally as an adult, but secretly no I wouldn't mind

are you still spanked?

yesPlease reply with authenticity, support, and respect

do they turn you on?



care to chat sometime?

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OK You say you will answer any respectful question. This is about the only thing in your one photo. Please tell us exactly what happened, the most embarrassing time it was used on you. Thanks.

I love your profile thum pic. Did you have someone take it especially for EP?
Were any other shots taken that day? Any nude?

Where you ever spanked in the nude? Did any one else see?

In the nude would a good time ago, only the person doing the disciplining

Did you get paddled at school?

Ever do anal b4

When you become a parent will you spank your kids?

So I saw in your experiences you accept punishment for naughty deeds have you ever been having a punishment doled out and peed your panties or have accidents/ bedwetting?

Ever get spanked with panty on or with babyoil

Oh my add me and lets talk some.

when did you lose your virginity

I was 18

What shoes do u own?

Well that would all depend on what style. I don't have a walk in in shoe closet, but i do have a number. There at some Michael Kors, Rampage Jaycer, Berdie, Nine West, Sketchers, Clarks. Do you have a thing for shoes

Yep a do have a shoe thing U found me out

Lol, I knew it

That a prob

Nice heals and pretty toes are so feminine.

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do you have sex more or ********** more?

Right now the later

Sounds like you aren't too happy about the situation.
I'd guess most guys would say they ********** more while with women its probably split 50/50. Wonder if it's really that way or are women just not willing to admit it?

What is your favorite food?

Have you ever dressed a boy relative of yours as a girl before? Just curious.

No, but vice versa

You dressed a girl relative of yours as a boy? Or a boy relative of yours dressed you as a boy?

Have you finished reading Da Vinci Code yet?

Will you add me please

Walking around the house nake did any family member seduce you


Do u like getting spanked now or do u dislike it?

Both, a love hate relationship

you into pee holding/desperation??

I see you are big on getting spanked, which is awesome :) ever give a spanking or want to?

I have spanked yes, but it was when disciplining a youngster

Have you ever kissed an ***?


Ok here is my q. Did u ever want to be spanked when u were a girl? So u did something bad to get it?

Yes. More than once I did because of my developing fascination

I do as well read my story if you want about it on here

So I have been reading your stories and I have several questions and would like to get to know you more. So my first question is, will you chat in pm or on a IM to get to know people you meet on ep?

Would you please add me as a friend? :)

Do u like anal & ever try it b4??

Do u like anal & ever try it b4

You intrigue me, and I wish you to add me. What would prevent you from doing so?

always looking for new open minded friends so check out my profile and if your curious please add me and lets chat, thanks

As a adult girl , do You still get spanked with or without the belt , if so , is it now for a little pleasure ?

What are you three favorite normal sex acts and your three favorite "you want do what?!!" uncommon or weird sex acts (assuming you've tried them)? And what do you still want to try?

Is cut or uncut better?

I prefer cut, especially when it come to oral

Hey, have you ever had to go a whole day with your socks halfway off you feet in your shoes because they kept falling down when you walk? Lol

No luckily that has never happened. Seems like it would really suck.

I hate when that happens

Also, will you please add me?

What types of things have you *********** with and what was your favorite? And where is the "strangest" or "kinkiest" place you have ***********?

will u add me



Hi Michelle , I quite new so this is a little after you were asking ?
What the most thrilling thing thing you have do , that made your heart pound in your chest ? And made you a little turned on ?

Skinny dipping in the lake with some girl friends and getting busted by one the girls dad and her brother. So embarrassing running for our clothes, but I also got excited

I made love to a girl friend under a stage , at a concert , the risk of being caught naked by a camera and 25 ,0000 , people , just made me even harder !

yes he did

Wanna take a ride on me pirate ship? ;)

Hi There,
Do you like playful spankings? I mean over the knee on your bare fanny with a hand or a wooden spoon etc.. Not that hard -just a "Cheek Reddening" while being scolded for being a "Bad Girl" who needs a good spanking -SO0000 SEXY -mmmmmmmmm. Also, have you ever playfully spanked someone's bare bottom? Just asking and I look forward to your reply. Take care.


Do you like online erotic role play?

Sometimes with the right person

I am great with erotic role play.What do you look for in a person?

A friend, trust, similar enjoyments, respect

Want to add me and we can work on that.I do like those too.

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Pirate or Ninja?

Pirate all the way

nice me too.just chasing booty ;)

What are your interests or hobbys

Do you support the military?

Yes I respect them very much for what they give

Oh ok

So how has your day been going


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I don't do it all the time, but yes I do enjoy walking around or relaxing naked

My sister thinks I am nuts. Dad tells me to have a little modesty around him, and mom doesn't carebas long as nobody is over

Lol not so sure I would

Why did you get a spanking in front of friends at 16? Are you going to write a story about it?

Ever been handcuffed?

umm yes, more than once

What have you been handcuffed for?

Umm yes, but that's a long story. And not what you think lol

Do you like spanking men

What was your most fulfilling sexual experience?

Not sure I can publically admit that on here

Do you like online erotic role play?

No I generally stay away from most of that

Have you ever wants to breath underwater and live there forever with the fish. ^.^

No I can't say that I have

Oh ok then


favorite color

favorite Disney princess

most embarrassing moment




getting spanked in front of friends when I was 16

What fruit did you last eat?

that would be an orange this afternoon at lunchtime

What is your happiest childhood memory? What makes it so special?

My happiest childhood memory is camping with my family in the Shenandoah Mountains. Because we had so much fun hiking, watching the stars, and saw a bear by the camp. At night it was warm, but the wind would blow and it was really cool hearing it roar through the tree tops