Thought I Would Give This a Try...ask Me Anything

Some of you have already asked me somethings but I would still like to hear from my friends that really dont know me to well so ask away....

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hmmmm.... ask you anything?<br />
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it is a fantasy of mine to be watched while ************. can i send you a clip?

What is your favorite movie, song and book? Even top three if you can't decide.

lol...good one I didnt but figure just incase I would ask first....<br />
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Honestly, I dont think I have ever put myself in that position just yet...but who knows it may happen still someday

lol, yup sexual experience, didn't think you'd think I could think of any other kind :-)

as far as a sexual experience...not sure what your asking here Georg

what would be a time you were scared you had gone to far?

that I def have to say yes havent we all....

of course i have nkenny...find it very exciting...sometimes handcuffed and blindfolded then you have no clue what is going to happen next...He can tease you and work u any way he wants...He is in totally control....

awww jocko u just make my days so much brighter...def glad u are a big part of it....not to many guys out there like u...*hugs*

mmhmm it sure was....guess I must have been good enough that Im a keeper now...*smiles*

thanks Jocko....just telling u how we met Ark wanted to know so figured I would tell...Yes, I def think he didnt think I would do it...but I couldnt pass it up....

k thats the one I thought it was hun...well we meet on the internet...under one of those single sites...we use to cyber and have phone sex often....until one day he was getting ready for work and he goes how about if I come over and meet you...OMG, I couldnt wait...Im finally going to meet the guy that keeps my ***** wet all the he comes over and he gets through my door and I automatically take him into my garage unzip his pants pull them down whip his **** out and go right to my knees and start licking his ****...he looked pretty shocked but could tell by the smile on his face he wanted to keep he got his first bj from the first few min we met each other...and have been giving them to him for last year and 1/2 now...It was totally hot to take him like that trust me!!!!

who u asking about Ark..not sure where this one is who do u want to know how they met....

Type your comment here...

U never have before so I def know u wont now...<br />
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*hugs tight*

Im sorry I know u can make me *** over and over again...remember your going to help me do something else I always wanted to...Im counting on u babe....

sweetie I have said before its not the size that counts...its how u use it and what u use to go along with it...I have no doubts in my mind that u wont be able to make me *** over and over and over again....<br />
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THanks Arkan...I have a few more will write about to u later...*hugs* I know u love to hear it all...<br />
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Did I tell u how I met my b/f Arkan that story will def get u going!!!

Ark actually I have...I gave my bf one when we going for a walk on some trails...he always loves to take risks of people he says how about now babe...I whipped out his **** got on my knees and just started to suck away....I found it very me!!!!

they sure are impressive...I dont think there is anyone that would say anything bad about those girls...and they are totally sweethearts to...u have to be dead to not love what they have to offer....<br />
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Oh trust me Jocko your not small by all means....*smiles*

I am curious about your spititual life. Surely, your sexual side is open, but are you open to the powers of the heavens?

well there is no to small because there are always ways to make up for that...and as far as big...Im willing to try whatever u have to give me...if I cant take it we will work on it until I can....

I sure do like to run around naked...always just in a tee shirt and thong when hanging at my b/f's house...or in nothing at all...<br />
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*smiles* about the female thing with Shannon...well she actually wants to be my first...her and her g/f...and let me tell u those are two hot babes...I would love for them to take my cherry that way.....

Hey Mike Im sorry...didnt know it was you....only talked with u one other time...well u asked so I told ya...Shannon knows what I have been wanting for a while now so u can catch up on that with her....

Well shannon u know we have discussed one of the things I def want to do before I die is be with a I think the mmf first that way I would have done my first 3 sum and it would give me the courage to invite another female into the picture the next time where I could let myself loose and not feel as uncomfortable with the situation...

Like I told u before I am honest...there is no reason to lie about things either u like them or u dont...any other kind of sex huh...well u know what I want to do....<br />
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Jocko I dont think I really have to concentrate...when I am by myself I like to watch some ****, imagine my 3 sum I want sooo bad or even better like I said cybering with someone and later turning it into phone sex...def gets me off with no troubles....<br />
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During real sex...I would have to say I have thought about the 3sum...but basically I just enjoy the heat of the moment...taking total control of his **** and him working my ***** **** natually so there is really no concentrating involved...Just go for the ride and enjoy....

There u go now your getting FDR in...u think he would be game for mmmf....then I wont need to use to much of the extras because Im sure during one of your rest period the other be ready to go again....<br />
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Thanks Chicken...glad u are going to want some more again....and next time it might not be a small learning experience...if only I could do a 3 way call with Jocko...probably the closest I will get to a 3 sum for a while...what u guys think...*smiles*

I'd be proud to be your Wingman Jocko. Or your's FDR. <br />
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I might bag on Texans once in a while but, I never said they weren't FUN!?!?!

Honestly, I wasn't being mean just sarcastic. Besides, the idea ain't to wear it OUT anyway! I can tell you, from some small experience, that I'm going to want some more of her sweet thang again! So, wearing it OUT isn't an option!!<br />
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Oh yea Jocko, I wouldn't even tackle it with out my little blue "helpers"! And, for those "other times".....I'm busy learning to breath through my ears!?!?!?

my point exactly Georg...there is always ways to continue to give the pleasure that she wants...It does not have to be **** penetration over and over....Hell I can go hours just with his hands or toys....and he enjoys himself because he knows its driving me crazy and he can watch me *** over and over again.....

so fdr is the voice of reason, but as sweet baby says, sometimes that job can be done by hand, or any other thing laying around :-)

I def know u two will give it a hell of a good try....and that is what counts...even if we have to break for a little bit...something tells me I can get you UP and going again....

Ok guys now lets play nice....

U got that right FDR it is always open for business...thats y u have the sex toys that is where they *** in ....once he has had enough because he is not a machine...u have to bring in the backups....

Never said we'd "wear it out" just believe that with te proper determination & imagination we can sure as H*** wear it down a little.<br />
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Speaking of **** , as a Texan you must be as full of it as a Christmas Goose!?!? Nothing personal or mean there Good Buddy but I just can't help bagging on Texans sometimes!?!? :-0

Men are so full of ****, they are just like catfish all mouth and no brains. There's no way in hell a man can compete head to head with a woman when it comes to repeated sex. It's just not happening, guys you can't ware that thing out and it's always open for business.

*big smiles* well thats what I was hoping for not to be able to walk when I was done...u guys def know how to show a women a good time I can see....

Hell Yes bring the BF! If he's in for it I am too. The more the merrier, if your up to it, 'cause YOU are going to get the workout of your life! Ya better schedule aan extra day 'cause you won't want to be walking around.

Ok Jocko now your talking....guess u want to break me in the right way hell with the 3 sum lets go for the full thing...a totally gang bang huh....def getting things moving over here....<br />
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and whatever happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica...No, way I would have to tell

Chicken I def counted u in...between u and Jocko u def both seem like u know how to have a great time...def would be worth my first 3 sum....

FDR...thanks for the sweet comment...may I ask how old your wife is...and if u have kids...

Ummannaa, ummannaa (speechless muttering about what I've just walked in on!)<br />
Oh man! I guess I need to start on here earlier in the AM if I don't want to be left out or have to play catch-up!?!?<br />
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Girlswannahavefun, I'd do the 3some with you anytime!!

I wished you could bottle some of your sexual attitude because I would buy a case of it for my wife. Babe, you're very special but I think you already know that.

As far as how old...I really think I started to experience more once my marriage was over...My ex really didnt like to much change...He hated the idea of sex toys...couldnt talk him into if I after my marriage is when this whole new side of me came out....and Im LOVING IT!!!!

Good question FDR...actually I was in a serious relationship for 2 years in HS...but after I got out of hs...I will not lie I had my share of men...Thats y Im surprised I have never encountered a 3 sum during that time of my life...

FDR...No, it took me along time to have children I tried for years....and now I cant have anymore so I can have all the fun I want...

FDR I think my oldest already has...from what I can see....

Were you one of those girls in school (and there's always one or two) that had a bad reputation and all the guys would bragged about scoring with you?

Well Mik my b/f is not a bi....he is only into women...He just would love the idea of me being taken by himself and other men...its not like he is asking for the guy to do anything to not sure if u took that the wrong way....

Were you the type of girl that got pregnant at the drop of a hat?

How old were you when you crossed that magic threshold and was it a good experience?

Do you think your kids will inherit your outstanding sex drive?

Jocko I love it just when I can be in charge...I love to have him be my little slave and let me do whatever to him that he deserves...and if its a strap on that he loves for me to **** him with I just cant wait to put it on....<br />
<br />
Mikal...well I think the bf would be the best person to bring to my 3 sum...I know he def would want to be part of the action or even watch....

Georg u should know me by now cant help it u guys bring the naughty girl out of me....<br />
<br />
Jock u know I can def use my imagination....*instant wetness*<br />
<br />
Mikal...I guess it would really depend... I wouldnt count him as my lover...Basically sex buddies...maybe my b/f would want to go to and I could get that 3 sum I have always maybe I would be game!!!!

wow, you naughty naughty girl :-)<br />
sounds like someone has some new play toys for her entertainment, wear them out baby :-*

hunny u know I would love to cyber with u anytime...and the next step is def phone with u....been waiting for u to be able to hear me moan for u...*** for u....<br />
<br />
anywhere I want what kind of toys....u be willing for me to use a strap on or is that asking to much....

Looks like Jocko and Chicken can be my first....both love the idea of sex toys used on them...handcuff u both to the bed tease u...get u all worked up...horny as hell...slowly taking my tongue working it all over your body...taking a sex toy teasing u by inserting just the tip into your ***...u begging for your **** gets more and more at attention....could be fun!!!!

Well when I do have the 3sum u all will def be told all about it...and thanks chicken for being so open about using sex toys...what is it that u both prefer to be done to you...u dont need to answer here u can answer in a private message to me...<br />
<br />
Sex toys on a guy can be totally amazing...

Thanks Hot for giving me the encouragement that i need...I am with someone that def wants to do this also...we just need to find someone to do it with...We have talked about it alot thats y I guess Im getting so excited just thinking about it..specially when everyone tells me how wonderful it is....

Yes, I would do a cyber 3 sum Jocko or even better yet a 3sum on the phone...that would be pretty hot what do u think!!!!!

Hotexhibitionist is absoulotly right. Had a 3some once with an old lover & we got more damned pillow talk reliving that experience (and adding to it) than we probably got out of the 3some itself!?!? Hot's also right about being truly open & CONFIDENT though. That's important or it can lead to disaster.<br />
<br />
OBTW - jocko isn't the only guy out there unafraid of sex toys....

Mmm a man that I love thats not afraid to admit he would love someone to use toys on him....I knew there was a reason y i love ya...

I have always wanted to do a 3 sum or more...its something that I will do before I die....I would love to experience both ways...wondering what it feels like to have a women kiss me or eat my *****....and then wonder what it is like to have more then one guy one in my holes and one in my mouth.....<br />
<br />
U wanna be the first Jocko....

Yes, I would have to say I am a screamer...and it seems to drive the guys that I am with crazy...they love how vocal I can be.....<br />
<br />
as far as last friday might have to tell u that one in a private message....<br />
<br />
never passed out but def had my whole body shaking when I was done that I couldnt move right away...

Yes, Jocko I do use toys on my lovers only if they want to...some are very uncomfortable with it....<br />
<br />
Yes, I find cyber sex a big turn on if u read on of my other stories I wrote..I did ask how many people love to cyber then finish by phone to answer your question Jocko I do love to cyber....

wanna hear more about last friday :-)<br />
<br />
so your a screamer ?<br />
<br />
ever passed out after an ******?

Yes Mik it can be...depends on what im actually doing at the time...sometimes I rub myself on pillows or end of the furniture or the end of the bed

Yes, I have had sex knowing someone was watching ...I use to be meet my b/f where he works and we use to do it in his truck where he worked...knowing when on break the guys all knew what we were doing....<br />
<br />
I am very vocal...if anybody has had the chance to find out they know what Im talking about!!!!

yes that would be nice if we could show here...but it feels amazing just did that last friday night...*smiles*

honestly Jocko I have thought of other guys its not that I dont love my b/f but it reminds of that 3 sum that I want to have....

look forward to your nice moans of guidance.<br />
<br />
are you a vocal lover?

I look forward to your sharing info with me :-*

ever had sex knowing someone else was watching?

Oh I most certainly do...if u dont then they dont know what it is that is really turning u on...or if they find a spot that drives u crazy u have to tell them to continue...before they go onto something else....<br />
<br />
Thats the nice thing about self pleasuring you find things about yourself that can help when it comes to having a partner with you!!!<br />
<br />
Good question Georg

would be nice if we could show her :-)

sweety, do you share information with your lovers so they learn better how to please you?

u can unwrap me anytime....I would love to be your gift...and thanks for answering the being plugged question for me...*hugs*

plug is an anal device , fills your *** during other things, sex, shopping, just whatever frisky :-) lol

The best way I have an O...hmmm let me think there are alot of way...Def by myself...I really know what spots that drive me crazy as u can see by the pics I took....I do love to do that everyday if not more....<br />
<br />
Anal sex along with vaginal is always get to....feeling both holes get slammed at the same time....

absolutely!would love to takew my time unwrapping :-)

No George Never have done that...Would u like me as a gift...

I dont mind the sex questions K...Im very open minded and it does not bother me to tell things...if I dont think I should I will just let u know...

ever been given as a gift to another?

yes love the toy play thing to georg but not all the time....<br />
<br />
Yes, I have thats how I got the b/f I have now....<br />
<br />
Yes, I find being plugged during intercourse help me *** alot harder....

love the toy play sweety, adds to things sometimes :-*<br />
<br />
have you ever met any online lovers?

We bring them in once in a while I wouldnt say all the time...its nice to change things last weekend he had the anal beeds in my *** and a ***** in my ***** let me tell u he had me over the edge...<br />
<br />
Yes, they are used with my lover...

hey bp u should know me by now...and thats all u have to do is reply where is your question....

nice answer girls...

well I have a is doggy is when he has my legs behind my head and banging me real hard.....or even better yet me on my knees giving him head

Curl I really dont know...guess I will have to wait and find out...what do u think....either way Im willing to answer what they have to its all in fun....