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Hi, it's my first week here , so ask away!
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22-25, F
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Do you get spanked dear?

have you made a snow angel while nude?

welcome to the site where are you from?

Be a big girl and show us your ****.

whats your kinkiest thought?

I asked you a question, but did not get a response.

OK; Ever get a real short "haircut"? And I think your a "blonde" right?

can I see your bare feet?

Have you got pubes yet?

How did your birthday go

Are You Ticklish?

If you had the chance to catch a guy pleasuring himself, and he didn't know you were there, would you be so curious that you'd want to hide and watch, or would you run away as fast as you could?

craziest wildest thing you ever did?

did your pubes come in yet?!!

not a single one yet...crazy!

no pubes! lol how old are you?
what about boobies?!
did they start yet? hehe

I am almost 18, and look like a 8 year old..its mindboggling!!

mmmm this could be juicy,lol

First kiss.

You have the drop seat pajamas for spanking?

having second thoughts of the pervy questions yet?

Why did you join EP? Are you curious about something(s)? Are you looking for friends, mentors, or chat friends? Are you just cruising and looking to see what is out here?

I dare ask? You are jumped by thugs and told you will be aggressively punched in your lower belly five times, violently punched in your bellybutton nine times, painfully jabbed in each boob six times then be hit twice between your legs. As you experience this, what position would you prefer? (1) Standing, arms held behind your back. (2) Standing, wrists tied above your head stretching your belly. (3) Sitting, arms tied behind your back, ankles spread and tied.

favorite color

favorite Disney princess

what makes you happy

most embarrassing moment

Where do you like a Guy to ***

when was your 1st sexual experience

Good morning Kelly.. :)
No pubes?? that's crazy, and extremely sexy ;)

what color are your pubes?

Haven't come in yet, so not sure..will get back with you.

OK, but do me a favor....don't shave them or wax them or laser them. Embrace them since they are very sexy and feminine.

Although...removing hair from your lips is OK as it makes it a little easier to give you oral sex. Although, i'd still lick you for hours with hair. :)

What you wearing right now

Red and purple running shorts, flack jacket, and green rubber boots!

What color bra and panties

Don't wear them...use those old tyme red long johns..with the drop flap on the butt

Easy access you horny

THAT is hot. I LOVE women who wear those.

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PM me your address and I will send you a postcard, and we will talk when you receive them.

Great that sounds like a super idea, will get right on that.......

What the biggest thing in Your life so far that has burst Your bubble ?

U prefer to give a b/ j or to receive ***********?

have only given a b/j, so can't anwser that one

Try *********** ... It's habit forming too

Hey :) soo my question you like girls? Lol

I do like girls..have a couple of g/fs I would like to get to know better, know what I mean? :)

Definitely :)
Would you want to message me and get to know each other??

how big is ur family?

5 total

have you done anything sexual with your family?

Uh....let me think...hell no!

thanks for being brave! You ever been spanked? I still get it!

Not since I was like 5

How are you? Dream Vacation?

Door number one or door number two?

I've been reading over some of the answers you've given to these questions. You're a wee bit of a smart ***. I admire that in a young lady. So my question is, does you attitude come naturally or is it something you've worked on and refined?

Nothing special..I bought some in bulk at Sam's Club..more bang for my buck!

Love 'em a bit on the cheeky side

I am in 9th grade and I need help,
I feel in love with my best friend. What should I tell her and/or should I tell her how I feel. Ps I'm a dude

How are you enjoying yourself so far?
What would you like to take as a profession?
Do you want to know anything specific from us yet on here?


What is a sexy taboo you would like to try.

anything involving peanut butter and an egg wisk!

what kind of story do you like to read on here

ones with pictures, and big words, if possible!

Where're you from?

parts unknown. :)

wana kik :)

dont use it

did you have sex yet?

like in the last hour? no

Would you ever wear baby diapers again?

ahh let me think a bit....f no

Welcome to E.P. How did you find this site?


favorite color

favorite Disney princess


Do you like sport

How do you like your eggs?

we get along fine

What do you like on your toast?

paint thinner

What brought you here to EP

a trail of breadcrumbs

Hey! How are u?:)

fine...tired. lol