I know no one will ask me anything, but I'll see anyway. Ask anything at all :*
15, F, Bi
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Swallow or spit?


Miss bisexbrook have you ever peed your panties or bed wet at the current age you are now?

Ask here?

Add me so i can

Add me please! Let's swap pics ;)

Have you ever peed your panties ?

would you kik me and send me pics?

If there was a sexy, oozing vagina and a stiff oozing **** in your face, which one would you eat?

do you like to wear pantyhose??

I do

Nice! What brand and what color is your favorite??

Your really reallyy sexy would u want to talk to me?

Would you message me on kil?


Do u like wedgies?

I suppose so

Awesome that's really hot l

ahah ;)

Would u like to kik


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Favorite part of the body?

on a girl: butt/thighs
on a guy (fit): chest
on a guy (not as fit): **** ;)

Do u hav kik?

Add and message me love. What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

Would you trade nudes with me on kik?


Awesome. Kik me back then.

Would you sext me? I'm 19 so my kik is zippima6 GIRLS ONLY!

id love to

Ok text me on kik

Would you kik with me? Curious to chat with you


Well my kik is steven_inneh2

How often do u nasturbate?

2-3 times a day

That's ******* HOTT! Are u serious???


Hey wanna Kik?

You wanna kik?


Kik me @ rebel_camo

Are u single do u have a kik

yes and yes

Kik me

you kik me: brooksmith48

I did

Are u on kik right now

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Wanna Kik and talk dirty? Maybe trade nudes

Do you like older men?


Can you sexting with me ?

Hey do you have kik? you into sexting? ^^

and yes

Hey I just added you on kik

Will you kik me and send nudes


DarknessRises21 kik name

Hey add me on kik my name is SweetKitty1990 ok and anyone can add me if they want to lol

do you have a fetish? and btw if those are really your eyes they are ******* gorgeous

high heel boots and thanks xx

and mild bdsm

add me? and you mean wearing high heel boots or other girls in them?


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Why are you not older?

pretend I am ;)

me too
if i showed u mine would u show me yours?


message me

do u have kik

kik: brooksmith48

i kiked u

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Are you attracted to older men?

I'm attracted to girls (any age) about 75% and boys (any age) 25%

since when did you know that you were bi?

too long ago to remember

favorite color

favorite Disney princess

most embarrassing moment

when my brother walked on me taking a nude

Can you add me?


why did you put on your profile that your 18-21 then post that your 15?

because I can't join certain experiences when it says 15

In those cases you shouldnt say your real age since eventually your profile will probably be deleted.

^i have the same reason

Hi care to chat?

sure thing :)

U can a kik account to chat?
Add me there

Is that cool?

kik me @ brooksmith48

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Have you ever been truly in love with a girl? Was she bi or straight?

If I showed you mine would you show me yours?


If I'm ready to listen to you and have a nice sexy naughty chat would you add me?

sure thing ;)

Go ahead and add me naughty girl.

Are you in the closet or does everyone know you are bi?


Have you ever been caught ************ before?


By who?

my parents

I was caught by my mom a lot when I was a teen. First time I was 13.

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Whats the most money you ever held in your hands?

$5,000, to buy my first car I paid in cash

Have you ever thought of being with an older woman?

I have, defenatly

Whats the oldest man you ever had sex with?


Nice add me as a friend