Love answering question! Don't care what the questions about, just ask
theyoungsissy theyoungsissy
22-25, F
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What type of panties are you wearing?;)


Can I see?;)

would you kik me and send me pics

where is the most riskiest place you have taken a nude?

it wasn't a full body nude, but the bus

how nude were you?

Are you all natural or shaved ?



Will you send me nudes please?

What's one of your wildest fantasies?

What would you do if you saw a guy wearing the same bra as you??

show him me taking mine off

Can you please answer me back on kik?

Heavy Metal or Rap??

Do u like guys who are big down there or u don't care?

I like them big, but don't care

Bigger is better tho yeah?!?


Haha nice!!

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AAAND... Is there anything that terrifies you, that you would still let someone drag you to do, even if kicking and screaming (sky diving, eating chocolate covered grasshoppers in Calcutta, whatever)

What is the wildest thing you can think of that you would like to do?

What is the wildest thing someone might possibly ask you to do that you would say no to?

U send nude pics


U should send me some on kik

Would you ever do a gang bang ?

yeah, probably

last time you touched yourself?

5 minutes ago

that's nice

Add me

Wanna trade nudes?

Hey wanna kik ryan_weisman i like to show my body off😉

Add please :)


Add please :)


Can I kik you for some pic and sexting?


You wanna chat?


Are you gonna add me?


Add me

added you

What age range of man?

there is no range

what do you think is your sexiest trait?
and what do you think is the sexiest thing about a girl?

I don't know, maybe we could chat and you could find out
Every aspect is sexy

ooo good answer lets chat.
message me and you can find out mine as well ;)

If I gave you my phone Number would you call me to naughty talk?;)

It depends on how much it costs

Free of charge for a girl like you ;)

I'm talking about the text cost :')

Might you care to consider becoming friendly, beautiful Brook?

awww you're so sweet, message me <3

Tried to message you, Brook ~ but EP said you don't accept messages from people who are not already in your circle :(

oh, I'll add you and check my settings

Where the hack are your parents? What would they do if they see this page? How could you enjoy being an object of pleasure by random strangers who know nothing about you? Assuming that you are not fake.

EP is an area to express your true self, so I am

Express your true self but don't hurt yourself. Please be more cautious with others who are only there to use you and abuse you. Like a little sister I ask you, do God's sake, please stop this craziness! Surround yourself with loving supportive people and keep growing and improving yourself. Be a great wife and mother to happy children who will be responsible from you. I wish you the best.

What craziness? I'm happy doing this, I'm living in the moment

Think about the future. Imagine your life in 5 years, 10 years and 30 years from now. Invest your time wisely.

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Would you date or love anyone in a wheelchair

Do you sext??

Would you sex for money or for love only

I actually might do some for money

How much for a night or one hour ?

I don't have kik. do you have yahoo
do you like older guys

no I don't, sorry

Have you ever had hot sex chat with a guy? Do you enjoy that sort of thing?

yes and ues


Cool, me too. And I have a cam also. Do you have yahoo messenger or skype?

what size are your breasts? and will you add me?

Condom or bareback?



Do you do nudes?


Are you willing to share?

message me

your next wish will come true... what is it?

hehehe To get a vibrator ;)

lol you surely know what you want, wish that was my case