Hmmmm... I'm a normal every day mum on the outside but on the inside there's a whole new person screaming to get out and sometimes I let her out ;-) xx
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Please can you tell me about you letting her out?

Oh? And is there a way to predict when you let her out to play? See, I'm the male counterpart to you, everyday normal, but sometimes I do like to share things with a fun playmate.

My standard question: what is the best and surest way to make you come?

love to hear more

Inside and outside sound amazing! Should be proud of both. Love to get to know the inside one more. What's her fantasy ?

Free your mind

I'm just looking for the door that I'm going to forget to close hoping that the person screaming to get out wants to help me grab the world by the hair smack it on the *** and face f@€# it to hell with anyone who has an issue with it!!!!

interested to know what goes on in your head :) tried to friend you/send message with no success

Sounds like a scream coming on? Let her rip!

She's soooo ready to scream lol

Can I ask 2 Questions in one?

1. What is Holding you back?
2. If for a day, all those inhibitions were taken away, what would you like to do?

2 in one is fine!
Holding me back... The line of work I'm in, being a mum and a well respected woman in my community.
I'd go to a swingers club and have the time of my life lol

mmmm Well so long as you are getting your kicks its all fine. We all have some strings tying us back and for me its my marriage, which din go rather well.

And I frequent Swingers cluns too but the best adventures are when i am on the road. My job takes me places and that's a blessing ;)

I envy your work... Im an adventurous person and would love nothing more than to have no strings and just see where the world takes me. Enjoy it while you can xx

Well, My work actually brings me to your shores too, so i think its something to look forward to.

Maybe we can stretch them strings some and hold a moment in time for u to let it all out :)

I wish it take you too me

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Well .. Go for it

Well let her out woman, let her out!

Of course... Ask away

Is there anything kinky that you like to do?

I'm into all sorts of kinky! Apart from really painful stuff but I do like to get rough ;-)