OK...I'll try this again. I'll answer any question but you have to ask it here. I got flooded with private messages and end up getting the same question over and over.
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What's Leo Flavio Means

What color is your underwear?

What color are your nipples

light brown

That's sexy

do ur feet ever stink and would u let my smell them, if they were? :P

no and no

am i a weird person to ask u that?

absolutely yes without a doubt. But you probably knew that.

Do you like getting your breasts sucked on

Depends on who's doing the sucking. A boyfriend? Sure! A vampire with bad aim? Not so much.

Great answer. I agree, no bad aiming vampires.

do you have sex more or ********** more?


I'm guessing most men would say ********** while women its probably split.

That's because there's a double standard. Guys who ********** are "normal". Girls who ********** are nymphos.

Girls who ********** are healthy. Between the two of us, we could start a movement to change the world's view.

Sexy nymphos though. And I like that.

well now i'm really interested. how often do you **********? me - every 2-3 days on typical weeks.

At least once a day.

actually i probably stroke a little everyday when on EP and stuff, but i may not choose to *** each time. that's why i say every 2-3 days. do you *** everyday?

um...yeah, pretty much! :)

has your roommate caught you yet?

yes...she walked in on me. She basically just gave me my privacy until I finished.

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Do you have any loners in your class? If you do have what do you think about them?

In what class?


fingers or toy ?

Depends on my mood. Usually fingers.

watched by brother , dad or nobody

as in, what's more fun/exciting

well, no , just outta questions I guess and a little bored


Alrighty Ms. , just asked that as a fun question, and well didn't Ashley enjoy the questions out here.

Iced coffee... and something summer-y. :)

something cold with hot summer , you mean :P


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whiskey or rum ?

I'm not old enough for either of them. But they both taste like s**t anyway. :)

lol...how about lime or orange


not a bad choice !

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Would u kiss me on the cheek????????. Hey!! U said would answere any question I dare to ask haha now u have too. ^,^

ha ha...I'm not afraid to answer! The answer is of course not!

😤 im not gona cry.............im not gooona cry

what's your dream car??

My smartass answer is the car that has Summer and Kris in it. My real answer is a Jeep Wranger because they're fun.

hey can we talk plz?

you.ve cheated on your boyfriend?


oh you made seem like that with comment about swallowing ***

Like seeing pics of big fat c*cks?

as a matter of fact, no. But thanks for adding to the pervert count.

Bra size, favorite position?

34C...favorite position for my bra? In my dresser drawer...not on me. lol....

For sex. Lol



If I could heart that response 10 times, I would! lol

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From your answer below about swallowing *** yesterday, is it accurate to assume that you like to watch a guy shoot his load?

Yes, that would be an accurate assumption

Glad to hear that, because I have found that when I do the Self Pleasure thing, it is much more satisfying to "share the experience" than it is to hide out in my room all alone staring at some **** website. I love to share, either in person or on webcam. I'll send you a private message on that. Thanks, and hope we make it happen soon.

ha ha... what in the world makes you think I was remotely interested in doing that with you?

Rofl..just when he held his **** wutha lot of hope..he got a kick on his balls.. good one Ashley

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when did you last swallow some *** beautiful girl? :)


That's very nice, and he's a very lucky guy.. :)
Was it ur boyfriend? :)

He's a boy.... he's a friend... he's not my boyfriend. :D

Lucky guy!! :)
Did he get to enjoy sex with you as well? ;)
I'd love an "add" if you like another friend.. :)

I hope he enjoyed it. He seemed like he did! lol....

I think when you got a mouthful of the creamy, slippery stuff.. that may be confirmation that he enjoyed it..? ;)

It's usually a good indicator, yes

Any chance I can get an "add"? I'll be honest.. I would love to see you naked.. :)

I'll be honest too. I couldn't care less what you want to see.

I have really enjoyed reading this. I love how your brutal honesty, smashes each new guys sexual advances. This has went so well with this cup of coffee this morning. Thanks 😉

aww... Ur such a sweetie..!! Sweet like brussel sprout. :)

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do you think there are any cons of living a nudist lifestyle? if yes, what are they?

Just the fact that so many people refuse to accept it as a valid lifestyle

does that bother you? you still continue to live that way right? what change would you like to bring about besides acceptance amongst other people?

Well, it bothers me. I think people should be more accepting. I'm not going to change the way I live my life just because people are narrow minded.

true that and you should not as well...but just because we believe something is right, does not mean that other people should start accepting it...people took a lot of time to start accepting gay and lesbians...many people still dont...so such things do take time...

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If it was fully legal, would you feel comfortable going nude in public?


no, no, yes, no

wait...how many questions are in there? public nude,only one nude=no. Open door nude to stranger=hell no. ***** nude when lost a bet=yes. Ashamed anywhere=never.

There is a large nudist resort in southwest michigan, what is it called

Southwest Michigan? Turtle something. Either Turtle Creek or Turtle Lake. We haven't been there though.

That's it. This girl is real guys and gals

So do you cyber

no...the real thing makes cyber seem pretty pointless.

Oh yea it does so do you like my picture and whats you r fav postion

It's a picture of a penis. Big deal... looks like a penis.

Yea lol wheres t
Your favorite spot for a penis to go in

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Being a nudist family.. do u guys comment on eachothers pubic hair trimming

What? Like tell each other when it's time to trim it up?

Lol.... yea.

No... that's a personal choice

Being naked as much as u r.. have u ever got like a splinter on ur butt?
Im jus say`n

ha ha... that's funny! Actually, I have! They hurt like hell!!!!

Heres the follow up question...
How did u get it out?

My dad got it out. He's a builder and always getting slivers. So he knows how to do it without making it hurt a lot.

The position u must have assumed in the extraction of the splinter must have been a lil awkward no?

No...I just had to lay down on my bed.

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What's the greatest number of people to see you naked at once?

We go to a nudist campground in the summer. So when the pool's crowded, there's probably at least 50 people.

Have you ever licked someone's ***?




What is the best part about being a family of nudists

I Don't know....hard to say. I guess just not having a bunch of hangups about what's appropriate.

I guess

Hard to have sex tho I bet


Isn't it hard for u or any one in the family to have sex or is that the only time doors are closed

well, doors are closed whenever someone feels like they need privacy

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if you could stay nude 24/7 365 days a year for the rest of your life would you?

As long as i lived somewhere warm

Thats hott! No offense! Where u currently living now?


Surprised thats warm? Nice profile pic and pretty user name!

It's not warm. That's why I'm not nude 24/7. Among other reasons.

How often r u Nude these days? See u quite love it, which I think is very exciting! Family doesn't approve of u being that way all the time? JW. Know mine def. Wouldn't~!

No, my family fully approves. I just meant I obviously can't be nude 24/7 because I have to go to school and stuff like that.

Lucky you're family fully approves! Mind def. wouldn't? U in HS or college?


Cool. Graduating in June? 18 yet? Out of 24/7, how often r u Nude?

This way when on ep much? JW

Well, graduation is actually at the end of May. I'll be 18 in April. Hmmm... it depends. In the summer, it's closer to 24/7 (depending on what I'm doing). During the school year, I'd say most of the afternoon and evenings.

Seems like HS finishes early there. weird! Any celebrations plans yet 4 turning 18? Its quickly approaching. Sounds hott! U Naked on ep much during the school year?

no, no birthday plans yet. Schools here always let seniors out in mid to late May. well, I'm naked on ep right now! lol...

Your bday near Easter this yr? Hope u do something fun! Don't drink to celebrate? Lucky u get so early (compared to CA) anyway. Know which college u going 2 yet? Thats hott! No offense! This the 1st time u been Naked when we traded msgs on here or happen often?

Yeah, close to it. I'm not a big drinker, so that's safe. I'm still picking my college. Not sure yet. Well, since I usually only do EP when I'm home, chances are I was naked every time I responded to messages! :D

Cool. 2 good reasons to celebrate then! Glad u not a big drinker. Does more harm than good! U agree? Think you'll to UM OR MSU? Cool! Appreciate u responding to msgs a lot. Most stay they will and then get annoyed my curiosity. Seem dumb?

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So seems as though you have enjoyed some intimate moments, but your too shy to tell your story. Any you have stumbled across yourself, like ever walked out to the hot tub to find a woman going down on someone or visa versa?

Not in the hot tub. But sometimes I like to go for walks at night. I've seen couples by their fires and they think since it's dark and kinda late, no one's going to see them.

Hot so I am guessing you stand and watch and maybe let your hands roam your own body too....;)

Ha you are a really open person I do admire.that, have you ever been dared to make a naked snow angel?

yeah and I've done it! But then got right back into the hot tub to thaw out my butt!

I wasn't so lucky, I was dared by a few friends when I lived in albany and I made the snow angel and the thew snow all over me lol it sucked but it was fun

ha ha...that's a good way to lose vital parts!

That's what I said ! But I didn't lose anything haha what is the craziest dar you have done

one of my friends was teasing me about being a nudist and dared me to drive home nude from school. I did it but I got in trouble when I got home.

That's definitely something, but hey you won the dare even though you got in trouble

My parents were just mad that I could have gotten pulled over for indecent exposure or something.

Oh well then that is a reasonable thing to get upset about

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Ever been caught ma$turbating. If so tell the story.

yes. Which story? It's happened more than once.

Anyone that comes mind. Or tell a couple of them.

My sister walked in on me when I was in the hot tub enjoying one of the water jets. She just smiled and called me a pervert.

Nice any men caught you?


Lol could u tell the story

no...too personal

Think about her age dude. Seriously.

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OK but no random boners but being naked already, does make for opportunities for people to engage in sexual activities easier does it not? have you ever seen such things going on at the resorts? Like especially at the hot tub, or maybe on the trails?

It depends on the resort, I think. Like the one we go to is pretty strict about that kind of thing. But once you've been there a few times, you figure out where the places are that people sneak off to. And after dark, those rustling sounds in the woods aren't always wild animals. lol...

feeling awkward with all the weird questions yet?

ha ha... nope. Just shaking my head in disbelief at some of them!

what would you if you saw your best freind was being bullied

what would you do if some boy lifted up your dress and the whole school saw your underwear

Beat up whoever was bullying her
Turn around and slap his face...then have my boyfriend kick is ***... then have him arrested for sexual harassment. Just because I'm a nudist doesn't make me a playtoy.


Do you ever make a guy hard when you are at the nudist resort. i mean where when he saw you he started to get a ***** right in front of everyone?

Nudist resorts aren't like that. Guys don't get random boners. Anyone who claims they do is just making it up for shock value.

But guys DO get "random boners." I know from personal experience. How is it possible that they don't get them at a nudist resort.

Are you into fetishes ?

I don't have any.

I would love to share mine with you if you wouldnt mind ? Can you email me ?


Would you rather watch an 8 foot tall man get into a smart car or watch a rhinoserous try to balance an egg on a spoon?

ha ha... hmm... smart cars look so dorky. I'd rather watch the rhinoserous!


how often do you make snow angels?

every time I play in the snow. It's an obsession.

what's your biggest sexual fantasy?

My biggest would be to go to a Hedonism resort for Spring Break. :)

Do you keep your p♡ssy shaved?

That's more a summer thing. I need a little coverage for Michigan winters. LOL!!!

So is it bushy right now?

No but it's not shaved either. Actually, it's trimmed like a little heart for Valentine's Day. :)

Thats hot! It must look beautiful huh?

Well, there weren't any complaints Friday night.

How do you like it more shaved or trimed?

Shaved....more sensitive that way

I love to kiss it especially when its shaved !

What happened Friday night?

My boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine's Day. I bought some hot lingerie at VS for him and some scented massage oil

Have you taken him to one of the resort's yet?

No... his parents would never allow it.

Was that the most romantic/erotic v-day you've enjoyed or were there others? Ever get taken to a bed &breakfast or on a limo ride?

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Do you close your eyes when kissing?


Outstanding. Are we permitted to ask more than one question?

well, that's two already. So apparently you can! lol

Do you own a hair straightener?


Which do you find more useful -- eyeliner or eye shadow?

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Would you do anal?

Anal what? Play? Yes... sex? Unsure


What's your worst fear

I'm not sure. I guess doing something that hurts my family.

How many guys have you dated


What is your dream job

Teaching or being a nurse in a nudist community. Then I get to have the career I want in the lifestyle I want.

Well I hope it's somewhere warm

I think that's awesome you want to be a giver and help people

If you could go back in ur life is there any event you would change

No because I'm happy with my life. If I changed one event, who knows what else would change for the worse?

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Would you kill someone?

Hell no

What if it was you or them?

That's different. Then it's self defense.

You still kill them. Another one: what if a person was responsible for killing lots of people and they were tied up, and you had a gun with bullets. Also if you killed them there would be no negative consequences (such as jail).

That makes me no better than him. So no, I wouldn't. Besides, I have to answer to God so yes there are negative consequences.

Well hell is a lot more fun ;)

yeah, I kinda doubt that. You go to hell for doing evil, not having fun. Unless you think evil is fun and then you deserve to be in hell.

Well you can't judge what you don't know. Also it's all bullshit.
And I disagree if you did kill him you would still be a better person than him.

It doesn't matter what you think. It's what I have faith in that counts.

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Do you ********** with a *****? Or do you self-rub?


In your opinion, what was the best movie of 2013?

oh geez...Idk... there were lots! Hunger Games...was that last year?

I think it may have been. I know that the second one just recently came out in the theatres.

I haven't seen it yet. I missed it!

It looked pretty good. I am waiting for it come out as a rental or Netflix.

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Dressed or no


How long can you stay without clothes

Until I go somewhere I have to be dressed for.

Do women watch and ********** too?

Watch what? And of course we do!


Not every girl does just like not every guy does.

Except almost every guy does

What's one got to do with the other?

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