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I hope you don't mind me asking since I have one and I like to hear what others have experienced. Did you ever get any sexual transmittable diseases?

Want to trade some naughty pictures?

iam Arabic and i love to talk to you about navel. can i?

Are you shaven or natural?

like anal?

Would you like me to *** on your photo for you?


Yes please

Do you enjoy older men?

Yes I do

We like you, too.

will you post a nude photo of yourself?

During weekend , did you **** all friday night.

Add me so I can?

Have you ever dressed a boy relative of yours as a girl before? Just curious.

No lol

I was dressed as a girl before, and by my sister. Believe me or not, it was rather embarrassing. I only hope I don't have to go through that again.

I can understand that
What a mien sister

Oh, she didn't actually do it out of meanness. It was just for amusement for her. But I do plan to get her back for it one day. It'll be a malicious prank, but it'll be worth it. (LOL)

Don't forget to tell me the story later

Sure will. I won't forget.

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Hi, add me please :)

can we talk in private????

Has your barefeet touched another woman's barefeet?


Salma I need to *** so hard,, do you want it in your smooth tite *** or all over your beautiful breasts

Would like to give you a bj Then some anal and then you can *** **** me and *** over my face and breasts

MMM - that sounds wonderful! I would be more than happy to oblige!!

Are you a sub or a dom?

Will you llet me shoot my *** deep in your smooth round ***?

*** is welcome in every hole I have

You are my kind of girl!!

will you add me, thanks

do you love sex in all wholes?
***** mouth ***

Yes I do

longest you stay nude?


One day

I stay nude for a month once

What are you wearing??


What are you naked?? What toys do you use?

We don't have toy here

We?? What are you doing then?

In our country
we don't have toys

So you have to finger??


Will you add me

How often do you **********

In every day I don't get ******

Oh yes - definitely my kind of girl!!

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how often do you shave habibti?

i'm just a horny horndog...lolol

i'm just a horny horndog...lolol

hey sexxxy luv...did u like my vid?

Your too annoying

aww :(....

sorry about that....

i'm just hyper...that's all

Why dont you accept friend requests?

I do but I have too many to accept ;)

she's a busy gurl bud...

how are u doing today salma? kaifak? u checked my video yet?

I know what I want you to buy

did u like my **** vid? was it hot or not?

you got yahoo messenger love?

hey u there?

habibti, ya aunie...u there?

can u add me to your circles please? would u like to visit me in canada as well when i return next year or can u *** down here earlier?

je suis un canadian mais j'habite et travaille en bangladesh maintenant
so i'm closer to u now sweetheart

what happened to the baby?

salma, i have just met in u my feminine half :D

can't u turn down the volume and watch it and finger yourself? i'm salman and u're salma...a match made in heaven!!! u got any kids? ever been bred before?

I have no kids and yes I have been bred

what happened when u been bred? u aborted the baby or wha'?

can i also be like your second hubs?

hey babes...if i paid for airfare and all your expenses...would u *** here to get bred by me? i want arab **** for breeding purposes!!

Interesting offer

when can i breed u? i have arab ancestry u know...

did u like my million hit **** vid?

Im on my phone right now and my husband is sleeping beside me so I can't watch it right now

so when can i breed u then?

i wanna do nikah ijtima with u babes!!!

i'm from canada..working in south-east asia right now though...can u visit me in bangladesh?

No I live in Jordan right now

u plan on travelling anytime soon?

can i breed u?

Yes you can

hey love...u just made me pop a ***** ...i\'m gonna breed u soon insha\'Allah...i\'m a muslim **** star...i\'d LOVE to star in **** with u!!!

here\'s my million hit xxx-vid...gimme feed back on whatcha think !!!

www dot youporn dot com/watch/127722/jose-busts-***-all-over-anna/

have u ever been in ****


what was it called

Never had the chance to see it
I was a drunk teenager
filmed 3 full length movies in a crazy night

where are u staying right now honey ?


What panties are you wearing? Please add me and message ;)

A thong

Hey i live in dubai and im wondering if u ever come to dubai do u?

Yes I did

would u wanna meet if u came here?

If you were mine I'd bring home that Black gang and watch them use you. Would you like it if your boyfriend did this?

You mean my husband
yes I would love it

What a perfect wife.. x

Ever ****** anyone from this website?

On pm for sure

Lol that's interesting :) would you like to? ;)


You would **** someone on pm? Interesting.. 😏

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Do you live in Morocco or in a city here?

I was born in dubai and I live in Jordan

Shame .. i was hoping u live in Dubai! :( Would you meet me if i came to Jordan?

Can you add me so I can see ur pictures

Is your husband ok with you a dirty little Internet *****? Because my gf is and I love it... :)

No I log in without his knowledge

Love it! Does this turn you on to do?

Yes but cheating on him turns me more

Yea? It turns you on to cheat? It like doing a line of cocaine they say.... I'd have to agree ;)

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Do you like to look at **** when your by yourself

Yes I watch **** some times

Me to sometimes I enjoy my alone time without my girlfriend knowing

Love to hear you scream and moan....would you dare to record yourself to a computer voice file while ************?

I never thought about it

Would love to listen, follow along, playing that .wmv voice file over and over again...

you talk a good lay doll and you are hot but you hide yourself behind two non sexy pics

More will be coming in the future

Message me so we can chat ?;(


Can we talk?


Are you into analsex?

Very much

You ever had your under ware torn off and butt taken by your man?

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U horny

do you like being watched?


Hey doll

Why do u keep deleting my quests

Why do u like to **** so much?

Hello love

add me

Are u tight?

Dirty talk yes or no

ever been peed standing up?

No lol

u should try it would be fun i bet ya

would you help a guy suck ****?

Yes I would

that's so hot! thanks for replying to my question.....your replies to questions is super hot!

Thanks sweetie

heres one of my fantasies: you invite three guys over. You are suckin on there big ***** and then you order me to ***** and start stroking my own ****. then you order me to lay on my back on the floor. you sit on my face and rub your sweet ***** all over my face with your juices all over me im so hard now. then you order me to my knees and start stroking each of their ***** into my mouth ordering me to suck their ***** good and you force my head back and forth while I suck. then you tell me to lick their balls while you suck on their ***** guy is ready to explode so you stroke his huge **** into my mouth and tell me to his *** shoots down my throat , you push my head down so that he is gagging me with his **** tell me to swallow all of his sticky *** and I do.............the other two are now ready to *** and you stroke them both off rubbing their ***** on my face and order me to open my mouth ,,,,they both *** all over my face and in my mouth then one of them has to pee so you order me to stay kneeled down as you point his **** towards my face and let him pee all over **** is hard and im ready to explode so you have me lay on my back and you stroke my **** pointing it towards my own mouth tell me to open wide and swallow my own *** as you stroke....I swallow every drop of my *** and then you reward me by peeing all over my face and ****.......(is this too much?)

It's a good fantasy that I would do except the pee thing

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You bi and do you swing or cheat around

Bi and I cheat a lot

U prefer boy or girl to licking u r *****???


Love it more than any thing

what panties are you wearing?

J string

I like running around naked most women like it when I'm hard and completly shaved. What's your opinion

Seems sexy

Can I get your number?