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2 Responses Feb 14, 2009

My worst date was probably the first time me and my first serious girlfriend decided to go out. We went to the stupid school dance and I got really hungry. We were not allowed to leave and come back into the dance so I relied on party snacks to fuel me. About 15 Chips Ahoy cookies later I chugged 3 glasses of punch. BAD IDEA! I had the worst stomach ache for hours, finally at the end of the dance we leave and decide to go to a church parking lot for a little bit of fun. Everything started off good. At this point all we had done was dry hump, we had only touched each other once or twice before that. Dry humping started out amazing! Grinding against each other until both of you ***. I remember I loved the feeling of my *** covering my skin underneath my boxers, her panties being soaked in her sweet ***** juice. We started first with a simple make out session, which soon became touching on top of clothes. That quickly changed to skin to skin contact. My fingers were deep inside her tight wet *****, with every flex of my fingers a louder moan. With every moan she gripped my **** harder while she jerked me off. In a split second we ended up in the backseat, her **** on my face, my **** deep in her throat. Time is running out, I can feel the *** slowly building pressure in my ****, while I attempt to ignore the sensation I can feel her body quivering, her ***** pulsing with pleasure. She cried out "Don't stop, I'm going to cu-AhhhhhhhOoooohhhh". In the middle of her sentence she released a great moan, her ***** gushing her *** all over my face. I came as well, she swallowed my gigantic hot load and it was the first time she ever blew me. Immediately after we both cry out in ecstasy vomit spews out of my mouth with no warning. Now we are both naked, in the 69 position, *** all over each other, and now there is red chunky vomit all over her ****, my face, the car, our clothes(her WHITE dress). Lets just say after that night...I never mix cookies punch and *****.

What's the worst date you ever had?