the one from that individual who goes along and asks those who join this group, whether they wet the bed - as i will answer that here- I am 26 and was potty trained 24 years ago, and have managed since then.

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flutter, are you dominent in bed? Inquireing minds want to know.

what is one thing u would do to make someone smile?

Qrestion: In your opinion, what age is the beginning of old age?<br />
<br />
Correction: You said the chicken came first. That is not true. Something that was not quite a chicken had a mutation which enabled it to lay an egg which hatched a chicken. This is the Scientific answer. HODA THUNK IT.


What is your favorite candy?

In the definitive please .... Chicken or egg ......

I haven't read all the other questions so you might have already answered this...<br />
<br />
What is you favorite food?

flutters... flutters research.......

damnit i only asked you so i could find out the answer myself... not help at all.

but you could die then... you are cheating at this game.

so you are traveling along a road and come to a fork. A giant two headed monster appears and says one way is safe the other will lead to your death. One of the heads always lies and the other always tells the truth but you do not know what one. You get one question to find out what path is safe. What do you ask?

If you could be one of the banana bunch which one would it be ..... and why ?

Huh? So what does that have to do with you being lunatic? Btw you know, lunatics have some psychic powers like you do! You know flutter she got 3 draw fours out of the four in deck! How the hell could I win?

elborate that abbv please?

Hey flutter do you know what is with these pokey people poking their nose everywhere? I did not even ask them anything, answering by themselves! Some lunatics they are! :P

Hmmm yeah!<br />
<br />
then ron jeremy?

ooooo you watch ****. Hmm, what fo you think of jenna jameson? ;)

Fancy a bit of cyber?<br />
<br />
<br />
Ummmm... what did you like best about NY and least?

Ugh? was that saw intentional or just so happened that god decided to unveil your true thoughts?

You answered it already lol!<br><br />
<br><br />
Hmm lets see, if i told you that i have a dog, he is dachshund spitz mix and his name is truttul. he has brown fur and yesterday I found a tick in his hair, i pulled it out and then I killed it. then he ate the killed tick. After that he came to lick my face, to which i was grossed out, then it so happened that I found a ball in my hand nearby and I started playing with him. I would throw the ball, he would bring it back. I would throw the ball, he would brink it back, i would throw the ball, he would bring it. Then I suddenly realized that I had done this ten times over and it was no fun anymore. So i decided to take him for a walk, where he started chasing a street dog and they got into a dog fight. Then he somehow freed himself from the leash and ran away. Now it was difficult catching him, so I had to run after him, if i ran north he ran east, if i ran east he went south if I ran south he went west if I ran west he ran north, but then if I ran north he ran west and if I ran west he went south and if I ran south he went east and if I ran east he went north but then again he went east when I went north, but after that he decided to keep the pattern. Somehow i caught him in the end. So I picked him up and brought him back home. So my question is, what are you going to do to me now that i made you read the whole damn annoying rant?

What is the one question that you both secretly hope we ask and that you hope we DON'T ask at the same time... and please, do answer it!