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I'm actually having trouble thinking of the answer to that question. There are the obvious kindnesses done by my family - they've bailed me out loads of times - but I'm trying to think of something that says a bit more about me.<br />
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Ah I have an answer. The kindest thing anyone ever did for me was write me a letter. That person was a teacher, and the letter was written when I was having a LOT of trouble that no one knew about. He reached out to me and said if I ever needed to talk about it, he'd be there. I wrote back... we continued writing to each other for about ten years (the first three of which were my last three at high school)... but we're not really in touch any more. <br />
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We kept it out of view, but it wasn't a secret relationship - my parents knew all about it, and his wife wrote to me sometimes too (and his kids drew really cute pictures for me). There was NOTHING inappropriate about it, he was just a man who noticed that a kid was drowning and he reached out a hand, and he kept his promise to be there for me. It made all the difference in the world.

what was the most kindist thing that any one has ever done for you that made very happy.?

Oooh that's a hard one. I just had a cigarette so I could think a bit, and the best I could come up with was "Dreaming Reality"... but that seems really sucky and a bit ... contrived...<br />
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I'll think on it some more and let you know if I come up with a better answer.

if ur life was written in a book what would the title be?

LOL I can see how that answer may come across a bit contrived. When I wrote it, I'd just come home after a particularly difficult day at work, which involved (among other things) a PD seminar on responding to anger. The presenter listed all of the "pre-migration" factors that contribute to aggressive and violent behaviour in refugees... I don't know why I am so resistant to desensitisation. I was fighting back tears as she did so.<br />
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Anyway.<br />
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Obviously, it would depend on how much money, and on what you mean by "all human contact". I mean, it does seem very obvious, but do I get email and the internet? Or is it ALLL human contact.<br />
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Can I bring all of the print resources I want with me? And can they be replenished as I want them? Can I watch movies? Can I choose where this year takes place?<br />
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IF the sum of money exceeded 10 million, and I could live on a beautiful island in a sturdy, cyclone-proof hut with access to the internet (it would still be ok if I was forbidden email or EP, but I'd up the price to 20 million) AND I could have all the films I wanted posted to me, AND I could have all the books and stuff I wanted, AND I could have art supplies and stuff sent to me, then yes. I would give up all human contact for a year in return for a large lump sum of money.<br />
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I would do this because the money would enable me to do some things that I really want to do, and it would enable me to help my family out, after all they've done for me. Spending a year without human contact would be difficult, but probably less so for me than for many other people. I've already lived in some fairly isolating situations - I've spent a total of five years living in four different Asian cities (three different countries), each time I started out with no knowledge of the language. One of those years was spent in a rural town which was 12 hours' bus ride from the nearest McDonalds... what I mean is, I have been outside my own cultural and linguistic environment several times and I've had to cope with VERY limited communication. So I think I could do it.

Healing. The ability to fix broken people. I would give them peace, fixing them in a way that maintains the strength earned through their suffering.<br />
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The reason I want this power is because I work with damaged and broken people every day; refugees, many of whom are victims of torture and trauma. My students are beautiful women but they are damaged in so many ways, and it prevents them from achieving their full potential. If I had a super power I would fix them so that they could achieve that potential; while retaining their memories and being exactly who they now are.

Arggh kind of. I was a kid, he was an adult, I told someone. That's when he spoke those words. If you want more detail, I've already written about it - "**** that happens".

You're very good at avoiding the "yes" and "no" answers... quite a skill.<br />
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The most hurtful thing anyone's ever said to me was "you've broken me".

don't feel bad about that! It's nothing. I don't feel bad now as I remember it. It's something we all go through, if not quite so distincly.<br />
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Anyway, games at parties... yeah, spin the bottle and truth or dare. I have never. Two truths, one lie.

Hmmmm.... it's certainly something I would do, if the need arose, but I don't think I actually have done it since I was a kid.<br />
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The question reminds me of a funny incident from my childhood, though. I played soccer from age 7 until age 12. I was actually the first girl in the whole competition - when I first signed on they had to open the rule book to make sure it was allowed! Now the same competition has a parallel girls' comp, and I like to think that I was something of a pioneer in its creation.<br />
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Anyway, we used to wear normal T-shirts to the games, with our team shorts, boots, shin guards and socks. Someone's mum always washed the jerseys - it rotated each week. I used to change in exactly the same manner as the boys - just rip my shirt off over my flat chest without the least hint of self-consciousness.<br />
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I still remember clearly the very specific occasion on which I realised I was a GIRL, as distinct from being a BOY or even a PERSON. I'd pulled my shirt off over my head with the boys and then, in a split second, in an instant; a moment - I felt naked. I actually bolted; ran behind a car and started crying. My dad came over and asked me what was wrong, I didn't say anything. I was holding my shirt up to cover my nipples and I think he figured it out. He went and got my jersey from the team bag and brought it over for me so I could put it on.<br />
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I have no idea what it was on that particular day that made me feel the way I did. Perhaps I noticed one of the boys looking at me, or perhaps we'd just done some sort of sex ed at school. Whatever it was, it's impact was incredibly strong.<br />
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I still wish it could have been delayed - after that, I had to find somewhere private to change each week. Most of the time I did it behind a car but I never felt comfortable again.

I'd be changing in the vehicle for sure, unless it was easier / more convenient to do so elsewhere. I reckon he must've been wanking or something to be arrested... or the cops recognised him and just wanted a bit of attention.

Of course! If he wanted to. If his life was at stake, it wouldn't be her decision to make.

LOL yeah something like that... although I was more thinking of desperation in terms of money. I'd do it for cash, even if I didn't have the disease. And I'd probably do it for altruism if I had some particular qualitiy (meaning genetic) that was relevent to the testing.

Hmmmm.... my immediate response was yes, I would, but I'm not so sure. It'd depend I guess on how desperate I was and what it was I was testing.

LOL no it's ok. I think the problem is that I'm a bit too boring... I'm having trouble thinking of crazy things that I've done. Most of them haven't been dares, I just did them... I shouted "Cooo-eeee" while climbing the Eiffel Tower to see if anyone would respond... got a few strange looks for that.<br />
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Sorry, that's about all I can think of at the moment.

Hmmm still not really getting it I'm afraid. You said "partner"... are you talking sex?

Can you make the question more specific? The answer that's coming to mind is no... but that seems like a pretty boring answer.

And you probably can't imagine what I keep under my bed... :-) JK

Hmmmm....<br />
My partner says that I'm OCD when it comes to laundry... though he'd wear his shirts three days in a row if I let him.<br />
I don't think I've ever been backed up more than a week, though.<br />
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Really like your questions, by the way. Very original.

:-) Crawled under a bed... When I was a child playing hide and seek, yes. As an adult, only when I've needed to retrieve something from under it.

Give money to my best mate so that he could buy the drug he was addicted to.<br />
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I did it because I knew he needed to be loved and accepted for everything he was. And because he needed to know that he could rely on me absolutely to hear him when he spoke.<br />
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And yes, after 6 months he was off the stuff.