Interrogation Time

 Well go ahead, I will try to answer everything the best I can.

If I don't answer something it either was just way to personal or I didn't see it but, go ahead and shoot away.

Jadager Jadager
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11 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Hmmm interesting question I don't know really I mean the answer is kinda simple, no I wouldn't take it but then again if I could just read people mind for a while and then leave the power I think I wouldn't mind not enjoying sex for a while hahaha.

I think it's world wide, I'm 99% sure they take it here also. Ya it's amazing how someone that promises to take care of people is just interested in money.<br />
<br />
Mmmm... good question and I'm gonna have to ask you the same thing =P what would you do? hahaha....but in my case I would totally take it and run fast hahaha

No sorry I just was doing a lot of stuff when I got the email saying there was a new comment and just marked it as read =P so yeah sorry about that =P<br />
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Ok so my answer would be: I can't recall being victim of an injustice however my aunts mother got sick once and she was denied at a hospital because she was missing some paper saying she was insured and she had to go to another one and on the way there she fell into a coma, and has been in that way for almost a year now.

I think I'm good at programming =P well only when I want to, because sometimes if I don't feel like doing it, I just can't come up with a solution, maybe is also because I don't try to hard but yeah, and well I'm good at listening to problems, because since I hate it when you are talking about a problem with someone and they just wont stop talking you know? Like they say, ya man that's horrible but you know bla bla bla bla, I think you should do........(jeez just let me finish venting) so I don't do that at all =P, think I kinda went another way here ahahah.

I gotta say 18 hours with just stops for bathroom. But without that like 12 =P

I play them every time I get a chance hehehe, I'm a videogame junkie, ya I miss those days also, were you could just play for a day straight and nothing bad would happen.<br />
But anyways back to your question mmm.... I'm not real sure about that one, since here in Mexico we don't really have reality tv shows, or very few, so I haven't really watched any.

My top 3 are: Mirror's Edge, Oblivion and Crysis. This list could continue for a very long time, if you want to know all my fav games then just let me know but it will take a while hahaha, and well the same for the reasons.

A lightning cutting a tree in half like 50 or 55 feet away from me.

I'm not quite sure hahaha, once at a video game I chose random username and jadaga came up so I changed it to Jadager and decided to use it for some websites ever since.

What does your username mean?

Mmmm you have me thinking here, let's see.... surviving my childhood (had a rough one). Nah wait..damn... maybe being able to stop hurting my self after doing it for many years, since I realized there is only one life and might as well do my best to enjoy and live it the way I see fit.