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(i doubt anyone will ask anything but what the hell) 

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10 Responses Feb 20, 2009

I don't know where my life is going right now. It is going in a good direction and I know that much. Knowing that much makes me happy because it is finally in a good direction and not in a direction to a grave. I am scared because i am (for the first time) letting everything play its course... and it terrifies me.

Are you happy with the direction your life is going right now?

oh haha well gosh... I don't know... well ok I thought this person was a good friend of mine (i was at a bar and had been drinking) I spun him around and kissed him hello (it had been a while since i've seen him) It was NOT HIM AT ALL... he was happy... I however was mortified.

define innaproproate so i can better look into my past ;)

by the time the parties turned to wild games I've already had enough to drink that I can't remember. i know this will sound childish but truth or dare would be the wildest because honestly have you ever played adult truth or dare.<br />
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its ok we are really open and honest I usually think things are funny and tell him about responses. ;) <br />
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We tried the complete role playing thing and I didn't mind it but he told me he liked "me" better lol it was fun but he rather call my name out :) that was a ego booster.

hahaha um I play world of warcraft with my boyfriend does that count as D&D stuff.<br />
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to the other:<br />
I don't play them all the time but I do like to dress up in little outfits and have him walk in from work to something he wasn't expecting. for example: for his birthday I wore a french made outfit and he came home... I was waiting for him.

role playing games as in the bedroom or video games?

I hate the emptiness... it makes me anxious and feel unprotected I know that sounds stupid but it does. I don't feel warm and cozy.<br />
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If the walls in my house could talk... hahaha they would tell you naughty things. thats why walls can't talk because they would tell everyone your secrets... <br />
they would definitely tell you I am happier now than when they first met me :)

thats a terrible vacation... but if it meant i didn't have to do it all year then i would take care of the house.<br />
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I agree with the liking the space and storage that is my only complaint with our house but otherwise tooo much space was annoying... it took me like a minute to walk to the front door.

comfortably furnished small house...<br />
<br />
I am a personal assistant and I was watching my bosses hellians for four days in his massive new home that was quite empty for it's size... I hated it I craved my small house. that is yes, comfortably furnished :)