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lol . no nothing like that.. kinda busy with some stuff.. things are going wrong .. i will reply as soon as i get free ..

well.. right now just wondering what am i gonna do today.. i missed a lab and asked some guy to sign for me.. .. well i spend a lot of time thinking about how my future is gonna be.. or what shud i do to make it more wonderful .. sometimes i imagine myself as a big artist.. dunno if that dream is gonna come true.. lol.. but sometimes i do think about how people live their life.. what do ppl think about me .. you know that sorta ****.. i hope this answer is better than the previousone

hmm well as such i havent seen anything really mean.. couple of fights though.. not much..

yeah i wanna kill a couple of losers who just dont stop bragging.. ****** me off.. and those who have OCB .. couple of losers who keep irritating ppl for no reasons.. <br />
<br />
yeah i sometimes want some frnds of mine to go away when they start irritating me very frequently .. like taking money and not returning it.. **** with my stuff.. take away my stuff without telling me.. or touch my stuff( i dont like anyone touching my things without asking me ) .. but then i feel that they do it cuz they think i am their good frnd.. and i calm down and forget it :P..<br />
<br />

hmm i kept on thinking for like 15 minutes.. i guess there were many good incidents.. but the one i am telling ya is actually one of my fav.. i had this declamation contest in which first i had to perform in school and then in interschool competition .. in school performance i screwed up badly and i cried infront of everyone.. that felt like shyte but somehow my school principal trusted me and she let me go with my partner .. and in that competition i performed so awesome that i won 3rd prize.. it was like i made myself rise from the ashes .. orwatever .. but i felt so good .. like i slapped all those bastards who laughed at me that day.. and the best part is that when i was there i cud see the prizes lying there.. i had my eye on a tiny memento .. and i got that one only.. ididnt know it was 3rd prize or something.. i was damn happy dat day :D ..

well losing all three of them scare the poop outta me.. lol.. yeah it hurts when i lose in some game.. but it just means the other person is better than me.. losing something of my own is just my own mistake and i shudnt do that.. and losing someone i love... hmm its tricky cuz i never loved anyone so much .. yeah getting dumped feels bad .. but no one ever dumped me either.. i just had short relationships which ended just like that.. maybe cuz in all my relationships the girls rushed things too fast and i got scared.. lol .. i know it sounds like i am some kinda ***** .. but its just me.

hmm i guess i am afraid of losing..

What are you most afraid of? (heights, spiders...etc)

well if its just a feeling in my head i wont do it.. but yeah if i am constantly getting such things that show me future i am surely gonna get him arrested..

site touch hear taste smell

hmmm .. well as far as i thnk.. i'd be a famous artist and make everyone happy... yep everyone shud be happy.. thats all i wnt

Describe what would happen to you on the best day ever.