I'm trying a new thing. I'm very introverted in real life, and even online I have difficulties to talk about some things, unless I'm drunk. I'm honest, and I want to answer anything that can be asked. People I don't know, but also people I know. I'm a little nervous now, but I'll do as I said. 

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7 Responses Feb 23, 2009

What country are you in?<br />
What is Artictic work ?<br />
What is the thing in life that brings most joy to you?<br />
Do you enjoy flying kites?<br />
What makes for your favourite holiday?<br />
What makes you feel most alive?<br />
What is your most inspiring experience?<br />
What was the greatest act of kindness that you observed?<br />
Do you practice yoga?

Do you know why you chose to be born?<br />
What makes you feel most alive?<br />
Is there somewhere you want to travel to?<br />
How long have you been with "the one that you love"?<br />
How did you meet each other?<br />
Do you have children?<br />
What is your favourite spiritual practice?<br />
What is your favourite sexual practice?<br />
Have you or would you go to bed with two men or women at the same time?<br />
What is your favourite mode of transport?<br />
What is your favourite drink?<br />
What colour is your hair - on your head and in other places?<br />
Do you shave your Head, legs or anywhere else? (Please be specific) <br />
Do you swim?<br />
Do you follow any ancient season rituals? eg mid summer solstice or Halloween - etc<br />
What is your favourite kind of work?<br />
What is your favourite colour ?<br />
What is your favourite green thing?<br />
What is your favourite movie at the moment?<br />
What is your favourite sport?<br />
What lace things do you especially like ?<br />
What size/style knickers fit you best?<br />
Why did you join EP?<br />
What has EP done for you?

Are you more or less critical since joining EP?

Has EP helped?

What do you hate the most?

Do you have a significant other>?

Ok scully ...... Introverted for you good or bad ?