I Ll Try to Answer Anything..

..but i might also say No Comment!
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21 Responses Feb 25, 2009

happiest memory...i think happy when i used to talk to my prince at the beginning..when we met

admit the truth?yes but i try not to

do you live in fear of being hurt were you live?

..the most?i dont know..everything my dad sais..im ashame of u and many things..

..to just stay near and listen and show that cares..

what"was the nice"s think any one has ever for you.

In the show 7th Heaven.I would like to be a member of the Camden family..

hmm..the worst job is a job u wouldnt like to do,there is not a worst job,only if u dont like it.<br />
<br />
...for me i think a math teacher perhaps,i dont like maths at all

the worst?i dont think i ve done something..only thinking the worse..or maybe when i left home for hours telling everyone(but noone listened)

i think to stop and look simple things around me..

i dont try to give interesting answers,just answer :)<br />
<br />
Any job?I would like to do many things,something with writing, and graphic design..or helping others..or something with kids..

I thought it was a fair answer. She'd just go somewhere where she knew there would be a friend waiting to see her.<br />
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I have friends in the US, but if I had the opportunity, one of the places that I'd like to visit is Ireland. Mum always wanted to go there, but she never got the chance.


fair enough :-)

i dont have a specific place but if i d go somewhere i would go just because i would feel that someone cares

If you could spend some time travelling the world, where would you like to go first and why?

the perfect guy is the guy who will listen,understand my fears,no matter what he tries to make me happy coz he ll care,a guy who ll make me feel beautiful and make want to change to the best..

oh..the truth is i m not so happy thats why i want to be a better person

i love chilren.I was studying pre-primary education but quit it.I would think about it again if i could

Do you enjoy being around children? Would you ever consider a career working with children?

if u mean what makes me happy one thing is dreaming-if i understand well ur question