Questions about appearance maybe? Anyone up for that?
Try to create a mental image of me from the questions you ask. Might be fun.
VindensSkygge VindensSkygge
22-25, F
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When was the last time you wore sheer nude or tan pantyhose?

What in the world is that.




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Weight? Full measurements?

The one thing you know you cannot ask a girl. Tsk.
I can at least tell you that I'm underweight and fit the typical measurements of a model.

Trimmed shaved bushy?

I don't even shave my legs. Let your mind wander.

I like that! Breast bust?

Elaborate your question?

Breast bra size

I don't use bras. I don't really need to, I hardly have boobs.

Nice full deep lips on vagina?

I have no idea.

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Height ? Color/colour of eye ?
Shape of nose ? Face shape ? Lol.

174 cm ..That'd be something like 5 feet and 8½ inches.
I have blue/gray eyes. Which also means they change colour depending on the colours and light around me. They look black at night.
My nose in sorta round and stuck-up.
And idk about my face. Oval or heart? Look at Amélie.

Great :)