Ask away! And if you must make the questions sexual, at least make them interesting.
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Have you ever been pantsed?


If you had to dispose of a dead body, how would you do it?

Probably chop the body in a bathtub, wrap the pieces separately, bleach the tub excessively, and then go on the Basin Bridge and throw the pieces in random parts of the bayou.

Have you ever had something just break the mood when you where making love? Like someone falls off the bed or one just bursts out laughing (:

My boyfriend started singing to me and wouldn't stop. It's was a mood killer.

Haha :D yeah, that's a legit mood killer. That's actually the first I've ever heard of that.

He literally sounds like a dying cat.

Ok yeah, if I were in your shoes my ***** would probably just scream out, "shut the **** up!!!!! D:< or I'll rip your..." (: yeah, I went a little too far, but there's truth to it (; believe me 0_0

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Is there anything you like to do that makes you happy? Your go-to pick-me-up?

Listen to Royal Teeth.

Is that an every day thing, or just bad days?


What's the quickest way onto your good side? And if you don't mind a two-for; what always gets a smile out of you?

Probably watching a musical.
And Tumblr tends to put me in a good mood. Les Miserables, for example? Or more along the lines of The Sound of Music?

Les Mis is a prime one. I also watch Rent a lot.

Never seen Rent. I used to be able to recite most of Les Mis by heart. Favorite song/character? Mine's Val Jean for sure. Beast.

Do You Hear The People sing is probably a top one

Castle on a Cloud, "In the rain, the streets they shine like silver" are worthy of mention, but Look Down is probably my favorite.

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how are you so beautiful ^_^

I'm pretty okay. And yourself?

ok i guess lol living hah

Do you mind sexual questions?

I'd rather not have them but I'll answer them.

I'll respect that. Lol. How does that reply suit you?

Works for me.

Are you afraid oh heights?

Absolutely terrified.

So am I. But I love mountain climbing and flying

I would like to try mountain climbing and all that jazz and I've flown most of my life.

Climbing scares the hell of me. Exhilarating

I'm not much of adrenaline junkie.

I can be at times

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