I want you questions!!! Let me have them all!!!! :)
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Do you think the jar of peanut butter I gave away, is going to come back and try to kill me again?

Possibly, you better keep a knife or something close at hand haha. But honestly, I don't think it's too serous, you'll be fine haha

Thanks... although it is very serious. BEWARE... the peanut butter knows all, sees all and plots against all! Hahaha

O.o oh snap!!! I'm scared now!!! Haha

Be afraid, be very afraid! Lol ©…©


I'm soooo sorry lol, but it's true!!!

I'm glad you said something about it though, so thanks lol

Your welcome lol. By the way I really like your screen name. It makes me wonder though, if someone ever cuts your hair, will that actually happen?

Thanks :) Yes it most certainly would. I got my hair trimmed once, and Hawaii was almost lost haha lol

Oh wow! That's very scary! Lol

I know right? So now I can never get my hair cut... Or thousands of lives would be lost lol

Lol. So, when you are 90 years old, your hair is going to be dragging behind you when you walk!

Yes, and that's something that I'm gonna have to live with. Cause I'm not ever gonna get it cut lol haha

Hahaha. I just think, one day you're going to end up like those elderly people in the commercials " help I've fallen and I can't get up" but then you realize that you can use your hair to wrap around something to pull yourself up.

Haha yes, exactly.... So it's not gonna be all that bad! Lol haha

Lol, it really isn't! I'm going to stop bothering you now with my wonderfully weird behaviour lol.

Haha it's okay, you're not bothering me :)

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