Ok.... I'm game! Go ahead, ask me!
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would you fight me?

I think we have already covered this........

Yes we did but as you see i left comment a week ago, and you replied to it on here, you left a long time to bring this up Lol

hhhmmmmm...I'm actually liking this.....so please don't stop.....ask me anything and I will answer the best that I can!!! ;-)

Have you ever sky dived if not would you if the person asking you was someone you desired

No I haven't....but when I was an adventurous kid, I wanted to really bad, but it appears that with age, the adventurousness fades. I'm thinking desired isn't a strong enough word. It would have to be my "soulmate" and we'd be going piggy back because if we fail....at least we went down together.

just under 5 " erect penis !! small for you ??

Since the average female vagina measures around 6", I would say you fall short for everyone.......and the size of your penis, doesn't concern me.

Hafe you ever been to an ****?

Not yet.....

Do you consider yourself an open-minded liberal person or a closed-minded judgmental type?

I'm consider myself to be pretty open-minded and liberal

Tell us something you have never told anyone

I just did, up above in an earlier question!

You sound like a lot of fun

I used to be.......

What's the wildest thing you have ever done?

Dresses up like a snobby, stuck up, uptight, strict school teacher and danced to Pink Floyd's The Wall, for Amateur Night at the ***** club that I worked at as a cocktail waitress and ended up winning $500+$300 tips.

What's cool

That's cool