Its midnight...not in a mood to sleep...ask me anything...
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11 Responses Aug 18, 2014

let me be yours?

Are you bored?

would or will you take a full body pic with nothing on ;)

can you send me a nude pic in my inbox of yourself :)

Do u **********


How often

Can u show me a pic of u


Ur older than me right if u are can u tell me wat a girl likes to hear

? What

Oh I get it

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smooth down below or natural

very sesual

I'll learn to spell: sensual

do you have sensitive nipples?

mmm nice… mine are too,, seems like the last several partners i've had have not had sensitive ones.. i love mine touched in all kinds of ways..

Are you craving something before you sleep?

Are you just bored and cant sleep?

Do u like being naked all the time?

So are you naked at your house or in public 2?

Would you b willing to b naked in public?

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its 2:30 here, but we are wearing the same thing…what are you in the mood for?

do you have skype? :)

do u skype?

Why can't you sleep? Curious.

Naked? Ok interesting. But do you have sexy feet with prominent veins you like to show off in public?

I once worked for a guy that all he did was take photos of women's feet, especially if they had sexy prominent veins and cute toes. He paid them handsomely. Maybe you should look into that.