i will answer every yes/no question. no exceptions.
Marceline2000 Marceline2000
18-21, F
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do you like to pee on people?

Will you add me?

Is co...-size important for you?

not at all

Add me ?

What is your real age?
Do You get horny by the idea getting spanked again?

Will you add me?

are you virgin?
are you still spanked?
can you do the splits?
are you bisex?


favorite color

favorite Disney princess

what makes you happy

most embarrassing moment

those arent yes no questions..
but anyway:
1. black
2. mulan
3. being with my friends
4. being caught pooping in the woods

Do you wear short skirts without underwear?

i have gone commando a few times... but i dont often wear skirts... more summer dresses

Have you had sex with more than one partner at once?


WOuld you like to?

hi marceline2000 me his adultbaby 247 so will you pwease chat with me fwiend baby michael glencoe2

ever get turned on by wearing a skirt and no panties?


Are you really in the 18-21 age group?


Did you make that your age so you can get to better experiences?

yes... **** censorship

Do you have sexy seductive feet with prominent sexy veins that you like to show off in public and would be willing to model for money?


No to the modeling (by the way just a suggestion and not that I'm any sort of photographer) or No to the way your feet look?

no to both

Well I'm sure your feet are pretty.
Greetings from NYC.
Where from?

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Do you like nude beaches!


Have you ever been to a nude beach? If so... Please tell me your age ok?

yes 14

Oh man I did not realize you were that young... My bad

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Do you chat while you **********

yes, sometimes

Good 4 you