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Let’s get started and make it good ask away.

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6 Responses Mar 1, 2009

I have that already so I have no need for the surgery lol what about you

I would love to sail around the world, then I could swim in the ocean and find little islands that you would miss by flying and staying at home cant you imagine it

I don’t really do anything to pamper or indulge myself whenever I find time to relax I end up just sitting down and writing or watching a DVD but I would say that I do like to paper my hair, I take very good care of it but that's really it for me, Frida is a great movie one of my faves you really should see it

For my T.V show I would love to spend the day in gossip girl, the characters are hot and interesting and I would love to spend the day walking around the streets of New York.<br />
Now for my movie that would be have to be Frida, spending a day with a great Mexican painter would be amazing for me

I wanna grow old with you

One song u listen when u r sad