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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

Of what you've written what's your favorite so far?

I wrote "Burn" for the Master's class I'm taking now. I wrote most of it in one sitting. I tried a more organic style of writing where I let the story lead me instead of dictating to the story how it should be. I would say that's probably the best piece I have right now.

What genre is it?

Horror/erotica or "horrotica" as one of my students called it.

Sounds like it could be very interesting. Is this piece any where it can be seen by the public?

It's on Literotica, but it's probably fastest to go to my website ( and follow the link that is there.

When I'm not at work I will have to check that out. Thank you

LOL Definitely a NSFW story. I do have others on my site that are more "workplace friendly." "Archer Nash" and "Incessant Smile" are two of my favorites that fall into that category.

As I'm obviously not hard at work right now maybe I'll take a peek at one of those. Lol

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