Bring It.

 I'll respond to anything anyone dare ask, especially if its about me.

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Like, the really nasty nose-bleed stuff? The Blush-giggle-hideBookFromParents stuff? <br />
No.<br />
ew... who would? <br />
I'd pave my own way in the novel market... I would never sink to writing sinful material down to influence others, for a shiny penny. <br />
Would you?

lol.<br />
I would not change anything, I like the way I look. Want to become more physically and mentally and religiously stronger, but other than that, I'm good. <br />
(lol, yay, I have my eye back!)

...odd scenario.<br />
But, were I lucky enough to choose my own mutailation, I'd probably choose to lose...<br />
An eye. <br />
Because in losing an eye, my body would still be able to function correctly and go farther then were I to lose a limb. I'd think it'd be the most sensible... but to me it does seem more... untempting, then losing an arm. <br />
(lol too bad 'heart' wasnt an option... cuz thats effortless to lose)

Writing. Writing kicks TV's butt!

The item (here I believe you mean materialistic, and ment for pleasure...) I cannot live without would have to be... my bed. <br />
It feels sooo good to just crash down on my bed whenever I'm dealing with alot of stress. And I cannot sleep near as deep anywhere else.

I'd major in English.

Go to College!

Yes i do and now im gonna post it on facebook lol jk i would never do that cant wait till your back me and A have so much to tell you

lol. Well, now you do:)

haha nice and i dont care i just wanted to know gosh lol jk

I said I'd respond, not answer... but if you REALLY want to know...<br />
I guess it'd be when I was five. I didnt have a swimsuit and wanted to go in the inflated pool at a family gathering, and since I wasnt allowed to get my clothes wet... <br />
I ran out nude. <br />
lol, that was funny now that I look back on it. My parents FREAKED. lol

What is your most embarrassing moment??