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Do you think masterbatetion is weird?

Yes and no. Because no you may enjoy it but yes because you don't usually watch other people do. It kinda like sex. It's pleasurable for the two but it kinda creepy to see people you know have it

Do you do it?

Yes. Like 98% of the rest of the male population and it also does provide health benefits like lower your chance of prostate cancer

Me too

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have u felt true love?

I can't really say cause I've only been on this earth for only a few years. I can say I have had one of those relationships that when it enfed I felt crushed and alone but again I can't say I have until I can compare every relationship in in my whole.

hi, it would be lovely if you would check this out and tell me what you think about it?

I read the one from today. Oh my gosh it felt like I was writing it cause it fits so well with my life. Well it seems to fit in most peoples lives

thanks....i appreciate u checking it out.

Your welcome

Do you like pickles

As in the food yes. I like to eat them as a boredom food