Ask me anything!! And plz make it interesting!!
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Do you want freedom?


Good for you on being a cat freak.
When was the last time you wore sheer tan or nude pantyhose?

favorite color

favorite Disney princess

what makes you happy

most embarrassing moment

Why can't a crab ever walk down the street with a lobster?

I don't know what?

because crabs walk sideways and lobsters walk straight.

How many guys have you ****** until now?

What's your no1 sexual fantasy?

Like roleplay? Or position!


Will you wait for your wedding night? Or just until you think you found "the one"?

I'm not sure! I would like to wait till my wedding night to make special

It will be special when you feel it is the right time hopefully he will know enough to make it the most sprcial hr can for you as well

most welcome in India. :-)

if you could make out with anyone, who would it be?

Aaahh! Probably jared leto, chace crawford and chris hemsworth!!

have to be honest, I had to look them
Hemsworth is very sexy :)

Ooo~ yes!! And very tall!!

Top 5 places you'd love to see?

Rome! Paris! London! South Africa!! India! GOOD QUESTION! :)

Favourite food?

French fries! Actually anything that has potatoes in it! I love rice and pizza as well

Best hairstyle you ever had?

Oooo~ like a very classy fancy hair updo' or like cool African curls!

Theatre or opera?

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