Bored asfuck
43gomez 43gomez
22-25, F
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What would happen if I was a tiny, shrunken guy in your bowl of cereal? :)

Would you add me?

How often do you let me to have sex??

All day and every day


What's the wildest thing you have done?

I was the look out person as my brother gf **** a teacher at school

Do you know how to USE that tongue?

Yes wanna see how ?

you know we all want to se that :P

Oh yes. Very much so. As I AM exceptionally skilled with my tongue also.

do you like me

ever been turned on by flashing your ***** to strangers while wearing a skirt and no panties?

What size R U'r Sexy Breasts Baby ?

There small size

I don't think so Sexy , they look at least A C~Cup . Show them to me Baby !!

( . Y . ) there you go :)

whose your role model?

Riley ried ?

I have too many questions... but where did you give your public BJ.. add me if you want to hear more

It was at a park

Sort of hidden.. or on plain view? Night or day?

It was next to a tree at 12 am

Where did you ley him ***?

Inside my mouth and I swallowed it

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any brothers or sisters

3 brother 4 sisters

2 brothers one older and one younger and 12 year old twin sisters

I mistakenly read that as board ***-****.

**** me in my *** ;) ?



Bushy or bald ?


It must be beautiful.
I'd love to see a lil peek.
Add me


How are you? Favorite food?

Good and Shrimps

Shrimp is good stuff

I know it is

Add me please, beautiful!!

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Can u help me *** tonight

Sure ?

Message me

Girl you are hot asfuck :) what is your favorite time of day for sex

Early in the moring

I checked and I can't set that as an emotion ;)

Set what ?

Hockey fan ?? haha


can i ask a 2nd question??


okay.. is your skin temp like caliente? I bet it is

I guess

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You know what to do

Huh ?

One option among many

Perv ; ) .

Gomez, the world is yours. Enjoy

You want me to shake it in your face ??

I got enough going on here. But seems like others would be really happy

Aww okay

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