Do U Dare?

this is a fun group thingy.

except ppl tend to ask dumb things.  ask me anything, even really personal, i dont care.

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1 Response Mar 7, 2009

ha, ok. i was in my early 20's, yeah pathetic i know, and i had been dating this girl for a little while and she had just found out that she was pregnant by her ex. we had ended up coming over to my place to hang out. she started getting flirty when we were laying on my bed and i realized she wanted to have sex. i told her that i had no idea what to do so she said just get on top of me. so we did it and i think i bit her boob for some reason. i didnt have to wear a condom since she was already pregnant so that was nice. not very interesting or exciting. i asked her later and she said i was a little clumsy but not bad for my first time.