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Would your " lucky " bf dress up for you in whatever you wanted ?

Why is lucky in quotes?!

Simply because he is the " lucky " one to have you as his girlfriend ! .. So back to the original question .... Would he dress up for you if you insisted ?

Maybe. But I'm not into it. He does a lot of other things for me.

Nice little things ? ..... Like leaving notes around for you to find
Stroking your hair ?
Holds your hand in public ?

Those things among others. He's been very helpful with my daughter too.

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Where is the most recent strange place you got laid or had sex in some way?

Strange place? I dunno. Probably in his car bc it's tiny. Or in my backyard bc there was a party going on.

Funny! I just got laid at a party this past Friday. A good friend met me in the shower stall of the master suite - another friend's house. Far enough away to lessen the risk of being interrupted, but close enough to still hear music and people talking. Added bonus of the location - we came out cleaner than when we went in.

He says I'm too loud lol

So he hasn't learned about stuffing your panties into your mouth?

No he just puts his hand over my mouth. Or he chokes me a little.

Both good. But I would hate to let go of that rack of yours.

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Has your bf ever asked to watch you having sex with someone else, male or female?

Not yet no.

not yet does that mean maybe in the future

Maybe you can offer. ;)

Would sitting on my face count?

I dunno if he would ask. But if he did I would agree.

38DD and playful?

You're the best. Ever.


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Would you have sex with more than one person?

Would it be Mmf, mfm, ffm

Maybe. And I think I would do either combo

there fun

are there any questions you wont answer

Depends on the question haha

funny I was reading your experiences very interesting don't you have any ep friends or just don't add them ,, your stories will get lots of attention I love them sexy

how old were you when you first had sex

I was a late bloomer. 22. In a car in a parking lot.

interesting why did you wait so long,i have had sex in cars too but now there too small unless you unse the hood lol

have you ever been married

No. No marriage. Not interested in that right now

I just wasn't interested.

was the bf you have now your first man, I was my wifes first but not the only one lol

No he's not my first. He's my first real relationship though

did you have many before him how did you start injoying rough sex

I did have quite a few before him. Most of them one nighters. Drunk dudes are pretty rough so I guess I got used to it plus it turned me on anyway. Current bf has a hard time accepting it but he has seen the light now

I see I like rough sex too , was your first rough with you

Not too rough but every guy after got a little dirtier and rougher. Nothing kinky tho

I see have you ever had anal sex

Once. My bf and I tried on my bday but I was too drunk

I see will you try again some women love it

Yeah. I dunno if I love it but I'll try it again

just take your time and hope he is gentle have you ever had an older man

I'm 29. I've had someone 20 years older than me.

good for you I hope he was good so what have you not done you might try

I have a rape fantasy that I haven't told my bf about yet

nice have you ever been raped

No thank goodness

and how deep is this fantasy,its funny a lot of women seen to have the same idea I think rape for some men is more about control than rape

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