ask me anything... i will answer honestly :)
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if i ask you for your nude pic will you do this ?

depends pon who is asking actually ..... and also if you send one first

?sure will send you but full clothes you have email ID ??
send me mail on

If u was gonna go out with some one how young would u go ??

someone my age ....

are there no more questions .... buck up guys :)

you could have a dinner evening with 3 famous people from history. who would yopu pick ?

newton.... cuz i wanna put poison in his food and make sure that he dies
elvis presley.....
hitler......dont know why though

why would you want to poison newton ?????
especially if hitler is at the same table ????

oohh.... i thought on separate dinners ...

but still i want to kill newton myself

any brothers or sisters

yup.. one brother

2 brothers one older and one younger and twin 13 year old sisters

favorite color

favorite disney princess

what makes you happy

most embarrassing moment

stopped liking disney princesses 10 yrs ago
talking makes me happy
when i kissed a guy as a dare

Your address. As I'm trying to send you a bunch of flowers...

honey i live far far away from you....

Very far...